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Darth Vader 16 is the sixteenth issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars: Darth Vader (2017). It was written by Charles Soule, illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli, and published on May 9, 2018 by Marvel Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

Vader and his Inquisitors lead an elite squad of clone troopers to flush out the Jedi traitor beneath the waters of Mon Cala…and the oceans will burn with their fury.

Plot summary[]

Part IV
The water world of Mon Cala had rebelled against the
Galactic Empire!

The Mon Calamari king Lee-Char has managed to hold
off Imperial forces through desperate strategies, luck
and the help of his secret Jedi advisor Ferren Barr. But
Moff Tarkin has brought increased firepower to bear on
the planet, and the Empire has another weapon as
well…the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader.

Vader and his Inquisitors are hunting Master Barr in an
effort to extinguish the Jedi Order once and for all.
Through the power of the dark side of the Force, they
have located the hidden refuge where the Jedi waits
with his small group of loyal acolytes....

Underwater chase[]

In Ferren Barr's cave refuge on Mon Cala, "Master" Barr orders his followers to evacuate, telling Verla that Darth Vader and several Inquisitors know where they are and are coming to hunt them down. He tells Endee to create a backup datacard for his files while the acolytes prepare to escape. After the droid has created the datacard, Barr orders the droid to commence self-destruct.

After Barr's followers have donned their diving suits, Barr tells them including Nipaltoo that they will be heading to the nearest settlement to look for a way offworld. When Orvek points out that the Galactic Empire is attacking a world that Barr has been helping, Barr claims that they have done what they have come here to do. He plans to inspire rebellion on other worlds.

The group flee on Underwater Turbo Sled Pikes but find their way blocked by Darth Vader's Imperial submarine. Stell thinks that they should scatter but Nipaltoo attempts to attack the submarine. However, Lord Vader deflects his blaster bolt back at his helmet, crushing it and causing Nipaltoo to die from decompression.

In his dying moments, Nipaltoo experiences a flashback of him and his distraught mother crying as a pair of Jedi take his sister Palabee away to be trained as a Jedi. Following the Great Jedi Purge, Nipaltoo sought revenge against the Empire. He was recruited by Barr, who played on his desire for revenge against the Empire.

With the Imperial submarine pursuing them, Daren asks Barr what they should do. Unable to fight back, Barr says that they should flee to Bel City. With the submarine gaining speed, Orvek decides to make his last stand. He is caught in an explosion. In his final moments, Orvek experiences a flash back of Imperial stormtroopers demolishing his family's swamp home. Though the Empire promises to compensate them, he and his family are homeless. Barr later recruits Orvek, playing on his grievances against the Empire.

Barr and his surviving followers reach Bel City and dock their vehicles in a hangar. Rebb and Stell decide to stay behind to hold back the Imperial hunters. While preparing for their last stand, the couple reflect on their decision to join Barr's cause. Unwilling to let their children be raised under the Empire, the couple had decided to join Barr's rebellion.

The big picture[]

Above Mon Cala, Governor Wilhuff Tarkin surveys the war effort from his Imperial Star Destroyer Sovereign. An Imperial lieutenant informs Tarkin that Imperial reinforcements are turning the tide of the battle. Tarkin agrees but points out that they are fighting too many engagements.

The Mon Calamari and Quarren defenders have employed two primary tactics. First, holing themselves up in undersea cities and forcing Imperial stormtroopers to fight corridor to corridor in alien territory. Second, scattering to the far reaches of thee sea in order to divide seatrooper forces.

Tarkin is also concerned about Admiral Raddus' strategy of linking Mon Calamari merchant vessels together and using their deflector shields to protect his forces, repelling Imperial attacks in the south pole. Commander Ackbar is impressed with Raddus' defense strategy. Ackbar wonder when the Empire will withdraw but Raddus says he hope they don't.

Continuing the hunt[]

Meanwhile at Bel City, Darth Vader, the Ninth Sister, Tenth Brother, and Sixth Brother lead a phalanx of Purge Troopers in pursuit of the Jedi and his followers. Governor Tarkin contacts Darth Vader and requests his help in securing King Lee-Char in order to force a swift end to the conflict on Mon Cala. Vader agrees to help Tarkin and tasks the Inquisitors with eliminating Barr and his followers.

Barr tells his two remaining followers Daren and Verla to keep moving so that they can find a defensive position. Barr wants to contact the King and asks him to send a rescue part. However, the three reach a dead end on a round platform. Before they can head back to the tunnel, Daren is killed by an Inquisitor's double-bladed spinning lightsaber. In his last moments, Daren experiences a flashback of Anakin Skywalker saving him from a pair of B2-series super battle droids. Later, he is recruited by Barr, who plays on his desire to help a Jedi.

The Inquisitors discuss Barr's words that there is no way out. Verla wants to take on the Inquisitors but the Jedi has one last trick up his sleeve. Addressing the Inquisitors, he tells them that he knows who they are; identifying them as the Jedi Prosset Dibs, Bil Valen, and Masana Tide. The Ninth Sister recognizes Barr as a Jedi Padawan. She says that their Jedi identities are dead to them and identify solely as the Ninth Brother, Sixth Brother, and the Tenth Brother.

However, Barr responds that he has been studying the origins of the Great Jedi Purge and uncovered the role of the clone troopers. He uses the Force to remove the helmets of the Purge Troopers, revealing them as the last production batch of Clone troopers. The Sixth Brother is not intimidated and says that Barr is going to die. However, Barr retorts that the past, history, and truth matters. He says that once a Jedi, always a Jedi. Barr orders the Purge Troopers to execute Order 66.



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