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Darth Vader 24 is the twenty-fourth, penultimate issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars: Darth Vader (2017). It was written by Charles Soule, illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli, and published on November 28, 2018 by Marvel Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

"FORTRESS VADER" - PART 6 The FORTRESS will stand, but at a terrible cost. The fire will come to MUSTAFAR, and all will burn. The final design is revealed, woven from war, treachery and pain.

Plot summary[]

Part VI
Emperor Palpatine has granted Darth Vader a planet to
do with what he will — and Vader has chosen Mustafar,
a world ripe with dark side energies.

But Palpatine's other gift, the Mask of Lord Momin,
has possessed several hosts, and by channeling the
spirit of its long-dead Sith Master, has designed a
fortress for Vader with which to tune Mustafar's energy
and open a portal through the Force.

But Momin has betrayed Vader, opened his own portal
and resurrected himself. All while Vader's fortress is
under assault by an army of Mustafarians seeking to
crush the Dark Lord....

Battle of Fortress Vader[]

Darth Vader is flung by a blast of Force energy from Fortress Vader's meditation chamber. Though the Imperial garrison is outnumbered, Lord Vader dismisses an order to retreat and extols the soldiers to destroy the attackers and teach them the meaning of Empire. Vader leads the Magma troopers, stormtroopers, walkers and TIE fighters in combat against the advancing hordes of lava fleas and Mustafarians. He cuts down numerous foes with his lightsaber.

Recognizing that Lord Vader is seemingly invincible, Kkkt gathers the other Mustafarians including his son Sssp. Using their combined strength, they summon the "blood of Mustafar" through the Force to burn the planet clean. The Imperial forces and Mustafarian belligerents are overwhelmed with a tide of lava, killing many. Surveying the damage, Kkkt believes that the "dark one" is destroyed and that they are saved.

However, Lord Vader uses the Force to wrap armor in a protective bubble. He summons the head of an AT-AT and Force jumps to safety, rising above the sea of magma. Realizing that the "dark one" lives, the Mustafarians gather their forces for a final assault on Fortress Vader, which they intend to destroy. However, the Sith Lord uses the fortress' meditation chamber to summon more lava, wiping out the attackers.

Duel with Lord Momin[]

Darth Momin thanks Lord Vader for saving his castle from destruction. Lord Vader confronts Momin for treason. Since the cyborg's armor has sustained damage, Momin believes he can defeat his rival. He mocks Vader's belief that he can force the dark side to serve him and goads Vader about his injuries and late wife. While parring with Lord Vader, Momin tells the Sith Lord that they serve the dark side and glorify it through their work and arts.

Momin chastises Vader for fighting the will of the dark side before slicing off his prosthetic sword arm. When Vader asks if Momin lied about what lies beyond, Momin tells him that all things are possible through the Force. He claims that Vader is unworthy of serving the dark side. While Momin boasts, Lord Vader uses the Force to crush him with a large panel. Still defiant despite his injuries, Momin claims that the dark side wants him to live. Lord Vader mocks Momin before using the Force to cause the panel to shatter his neck, killing the ancient Sith Lord.

Claiming his destiny as his own, Vader uses the dark side to open the door, unleashing a wave of energy that can be seen from afar.



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