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Darth Vader was the name of a male Human serving the New Galactic Empire, as well as a highly decorated Imperial general. He possessed a lot of scarring on his face, and also had his left eye replaced with a cybernetic, giving off a deep red hue.[1]

Alongside governor Crispin Hoedaack and Vantos Coll, Vader had plotted to overthrow the reigning Emperor, Cos Dashit, with their move depending on the outcome of the Empire's Aquilaean campaign. Although not an actual member of the Knights of the Sith, he nonetheless was allied with the group to some extent. Vader later had Prince Valorum arrive to track down Luke Skywalker due to suspecting that he had survived the self-destruction of his command post, in exchange supplying the Knight of Sith full access to the Empire's resources.[1]

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Darth Vader was a character in the original 1974 draft for George Lucas's Star Wars. Unlike later incarnations of Vader, he was neither related to the main protagonist nor was he a Force User, although he did to some extent command the Knights of Sith.[1]

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