Darth Vader Annual 1 is a one-shot issue of the comic book series Star Wars: Darth Vader. The issue details Darth Vader traveling to the planet Shu-Torun to quell an uprising against the Galactic Empire, and it serves as a prelude to the Shu-Torun War arc. Darth Vader Annual 1 was written by Kieron Gillen, illustrated by Leinil Yu, and published on December 16, 2015 by Marvel Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

The planet Shu-Torin [sic] has gone against the will of the Empire. It's time for Vader to bring them in line. A great, evil jumping-on point for fans of the Dark Lord![1]

Plot summary[]

It is a time of unrest. After the fall of the
Republic, the Galactic Empire took over
with an iron fist. Yet the Empire does not
stand unchallenged as the rebels continue
to fight back.

The destruction of the Death Star has
ignited faith that the Rebellion will prevail,
but the Emperor is determined to eliminate
any and all threats. As more and more
planets fall under Imperial control, Lord
Vader travels to Shu-torun [sic] with a message
to reinforce their cooperation....

Hosting Lord Vader[]

The King of Shu-Torun talks with his three children: his firstborn and heir Monthan; his second child and daughter Hollian, the Celebrant Warlord and Head of their War-Faith; and his third child and daughter Trios. He tells Trios that her blood will serve in other ways.

Darth Vader arrives on his TIE Advanced x1 starfighter on the volcanic Mid Rim world Shu-torun. The Sith Lord is greeted by Princess Trios. He is upset that the King has declined to meet him personally but has sent his youngest daughter. Trios apologizes, claiming that her father is not as swift as he once was. She invites the Sith Lord to a celebration in the Abyssal Rooms below. However, Vader has no time for pleasantries and tells Trios that he is here to deal with her father for not fulfilling his production quotas. Vader tells her that he has brought a gift, a remind that the Galactic Empire can be both a powerful friend and a dangerous enemy.

After Lord Vader has disembarked, the Imperial assassin droids Triple Zero and Beetee exit Vader's starfighter for an "extremely important mission." Triple Zero tells Beetee that he can't shoot everyone and adds that he has brought all his poisons. Princess Trios leads Vader to the Abyssal Rooms where the Shu-Torun nobility are engaged in the Shu-Torun counter-bore waltz. Trios tells Vader that dancing is a way for the Ore-dukes to amuse themselves after their hard work but Lord Vader is not amused.

Meanwhile, Triple Zero and Beetee are unable to access the palace grounds since they don't have clearance. They trick a servant droid into entering a room where Beetee disintegrates it and steal its transponder. He tells Beetee that he switched off its pain receptors before stripping its data core, telling his astromech counterpart that he is not a savage.

Trapping Lord Vader[]

Duke Rubix insists that Lord Vader dance with his daughter but Vader refuses. Vader uses the Force to hurl Duke Rubix against the floor. Just then, an earth borer bursts into the Abyssal Rooms and disgorges several armed insurgent troops, who are opposed to the Empire and the Kng. Darth Vader deflects their blaster bolts with his lightsaber and slays them. He demands to see the King immediately.

Princess Trios claims that the main elevators are being watched by traitorous dukes and leads him through the tunnels. Watching the events below via holoscreen, the King expresses frustration with his assassins and regrets having to sacrifice his daughter. Triple Zero and Beetee serve beverages to the unsuspecting King, Monthan, and Hollian.

While traveling through the tunnel, Lord Vader senses Trios' fear and tells the Princess that she is an admirable youth and that he father would be proud. Shortly later, molten lava begins disgorging through the vents above. Sensing her resolve, Vader tells Trios that she shows an admirable willingness to sacrifice for the greater good. She claims there is no escape but Vader uses the Force to slice a circle in the tunnel. He then uses the Force to propel him and Trios to safety. He climbs a set of stairs and maintenance hatch while carrying Trios.

The King is horrified that Lord Vader escaped his threat and orders his guards to seal the doors immediately. Triple Zero tries to serve the King some poisoned drinks but the King is not in a mood to drink and casts them aside. Triple Zero then agrees to Beetee's plan to kill the King and his family through other methods. When Trios awakes, she finds that Lord Vader has reached the palace and killed more guards. Attempting to carry out her duty, Trios tries to shoot Vader but the Sith Lord cuts off her right hand, disarming her.

Appointing a new Queen[]

Vader then forces his way into the throne room where Beetee and Triple Zero have already eliminated the King, her older siblings, and his guards. Triple Zero praises Beetee for shooting the targets in the heart as Princess Trios tends to her dead father. Lord Vader then presents her with shards from Alderaan, telling her that it reminds her of worlds who resist the Emperor. He warns Trios that the rebels' confidence that they can resist the Death Star is mistaken. With Princess Trios' family dead, he crowns her as Queen of Shu-Torun.

When Trios tells her that the ore-dukes are resistant to tithes, Lord Vader tells her that they will be pacified by a wise monarch and her powerful friends. He tells her that Shu-Torun is hers to rule but warns her not to forget whom she serves.



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Notes and references[]

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