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Darth Vader and Son is a non-canon book by Jeffrey Brown that was released on April 18, 2012. The book shows various pictures of Darth Vader parenting his child, Luke Skywalker.[1] A sequel, Vader's Little Princess, was released in April 2013.[2]

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What if Darth Vader took an active role in raising his son? What if Luke, I am your father was just a stern admonishment from an annoyed dad? In this hilarious and sweet comic reimagining, Darth Vader is a dad like any other except with all the baggage of being the Dark Lord of the Sith. Celebrated artist, Jeffrey Brown's delightful illustrations give classic Star Wars moments a fresh twist, presenting the trials and joys of parenting through the lens of a galaxy far, far away. Life lessons include lightsaber batting practice, using the Force to raid the cookie jar, Take Your Child to Work Day on the Death Star (Er, he looks just like you, Lord Vader!), and the special bond shared between any father and son.[1]

Opening crawlEdit

Episode Three and a half:
Darth Vader, Dark Lord of
the Sith, leads the Galactic
Empire against the heroic Rebel
Alliance. Before he can take
care of the Rebels, Lord Vader
must first take care of his son–
four-year-old Luke Skywalker…



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