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"Not so intimidating at 1/1000 scale, is he?"
Airen Cracken[src]

The Darth Vader figurine was a tiny statuette of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.


The figurines were the membership key to the Dark Vortex Club, a seedy nightclub on Coruscant that catered for the planet's criminal underworld. They could be obtained within the Club and used for future access to it. One was owned by the New Republic Senator Luralon Odaay, who was a patron of the club. He was murdered by the assassin Cabe and his body was found in his hotel room with the figurine clenched in his hand. It was examined at the crime scene by Daniera Karmony and M'Kyas Love, who were investigating the Senator's death and Love realized it's significance. It was recovered and shown to General Airen Cracken shortly afterwards. Karmony and Love used the figurine to enter the Club, where they went a met with the club's owner, Mah-Luu. Love showed it to the Ubese and asked to know about the Senator's dealings in the Club.


The figurines were small and was a very good likeness of Darth Vader. It had a miniature lightsaber hologram that was emitted from the figurine's hand and could be activated by twisting its head. When the head was twisted outside the Dark Vortex Club, the lightsaber would not light up, but instead the access panel next to the club's enterance would light up, allowing entry.


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