"Darth Vader vs. Hoth Rebels - Crushing the Rebellion" is the twenty-eighth episode of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures. It premiered on the website on May 17, 2019.[2]

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The episode opens with a Viper probe droid reporting the whereabouts of Echo Base to the Imperial Navy. Its transmission is picked up by an Imperial Navy trooper who alerts the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Executor. An Imperial officer tells Darth Vader that they have picked up something. Vader replies that the rebels are there and orders Death Squadron to set a course for the Hoth system. Vader's fleet exits hyperspace above Hoth.

As Imperial Star Destroyers circle Hoth, Lord Vader descends to the planet in a Lambda-class shuttle to lead the forces of the Galactic Empire against the rebels. Snowtroopers and AT-AT walkers advance across the battlefield. An AT-AT walker destroys Echo Base's shield generator with its laser cannons. Vader leads the Imperial ground assault forces to the gates of Echo Base.

He uses the Force to tear down the gates. Several Rebel troopers have formed a stockade with crates and open fire on the Imperials. Lord Vader easily deflects their blasts with his lightsaber and cuts down several rebels. Snowtroopers mount an E-Web heavy repeating blaster cannon and mow down more defenders. Other rebel troopers are killed by grenades. As the stockade burns, Darth Vader surveys the destruction while snow troopers fan out across the base.



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