Darth Vich was a male of Human or Sith pureblood descent who served as a Lord in the reconstituted Sith Empire around 3681 BBY. Vich ascended to the position at a young age, and was still considered young when the Empire revealed itself to the greater galaxy and initiated a massive war with the Galactic Republic. Shortly after the beginning of the conflict, Darth Vich discovered the planet Rattatak and its warlike inhabitants. He took hundreds of Rattataki tribes from the world and transformed them into his personal army, which he later attempted to use in an effort to take power in the Empire. The insurrection ultimately failed and Vich was slain, and the majority of Vich's Rattataki forces were either killed or enslaved.


A Rattataki

The man later known as Darth Vich was a male[3] of Human or Sith pureblood descent[2] who served the reconstituted Sith Empire in the latter stages of its antebellum period,[3] when the government was in the process of preparing for war with the Galactic Republic.[4] At a young age, he was promoted to the rank of Sith Lord[3] and eventually to the rank of Darth,[5] taking on the name Darth Vich, and he served under the Empire's ruling Dark Council in that capacity[3] until at least 3681 BBY.[6] In that year, the Sith revealed their hidden Empire to the larger galaxy and initiated the Great Galactic War against the Republic and its allies.[7]

In the early stages[3] of the twenty-eight-year conflict,[8] the harsh and arid world Rattatak in the deep Outer Rim Territories came to the attention of Vich. The Sith Lord was intrigued by its inhabitants, the Rattataki, who had become a fierce warrior people after generations of infighting and countless struggles for survival on the bleak world. Recognizing their potential, Vich took hundreds of Rattataki tribes from the world and reorganized them into his personal army. His forces were formidable opponents in battle, and he eventually discovered that dozens of his soldiers were sensitive to the Force. Vich took the Force-sensitive Rattataki and trained them as Sith Acolytes to operate under his command.[3]

Vich eventually grew ambitious for more authority in the Empire, and so used his Rattataki army in a play for power that ultimately failed, and Vich was killed by the Empire.[8] Following the attempt, Vich's army was disbanded, with the surviving Rattataki being either executed or enslaved by the Dark Council. Years later, during the post-war unrest,[3] the Empire began to allow aliens to undergo Sith training like Humans and Sith purebloods,[8] and rumors persisted that a number of Rattataki acolytes had betrayed Vich during his insurrection and were later taken in by the Sith for full training.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Darth Vich became a Lord of the Sith Order at a young age[3] and was granted the Darth honorific in recognition of his abilities.[5] He was ambitious for more power within the Empire, and so hoped to exploit the innate abilities of the Rattataki people in order to seize authority.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Darth Vich was created as part of the historical lore in the setting of the LucasArts and BioWare video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. His existence was first revealed on the game's official site, as part of The Holonet feature.[3] The 2012 reference guide Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia expanded on Vich, but referred to him only as "the Sith Lord Vich," excluding the Darth title.[8]


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