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"I needed long years of stasis to allow my body to heal, but my mind remained open to my closest disciples. The First Darth Wyyrlok became the instrument of my Will in those days."
Darth Krayt on the first Darth Wyyrlok[src]

Darth Wyyrlok was a Chagrian Sith Lord who served as the chief lieutenant and protector of Darth Krayt, Dark Lord of the One Sith, as well as the role of Voice during his time in stasis. He was the first in a long line of Darth Wyyrloks that would serve Darth Krayt over the century following the Yuuzhan Vong War; the father of the second Wyyrlok, grandfather of the third Wyyrlok, and great-grandfather of Saarai, who was destined to become the next Wyyrlok.


"You will, therefore, travel there. Watch for the sign. Learn what there is to learn. And, perhaps, take what there is to take."
"Why me? Why not one of them?"
"Because it is the Master's will that the One Sith remain quiescent. Therefore, we must use intermediaries."
―Darth Wyyrlok, sending Kell Douro to Fhost[src]

Darth Wyyrlok was a member of the One Sith a few decades following the Galactic Civil War and the fall of the Order of the Sith Lords. At some point in the past, Wyyrlok was wounded, resulting in the loss of his right horn and a scar extending from the stump of his horn down to the corner of his mouth. During Darth Krayt's period in stasis around the Second Galactic Civil War, Wyyrlok became the instrument of his will. In 41 ABY, after a vision that Krayt had regarding a frozen moon, Wyyrlok assigned the Anzat assassin Kell Douro to Fhost to discover the truth hidden behind the vision, burning the vision into the Anzat's mind. Later Kell Douro contacted Darth Wyyrlok to inform him that he was following the Jedi Jaden Korr into the Unknown Regions. Upon hearing the name, Darth Wyyrlok confirmed that the One Sith knew of Korr and told Kell Douro that he was once Kyle Katarn's apprentice and was therefore dangerous.[1]

Douro tracked Korr to an Imperial research facility on the frozen moon and there, the Anzat was killed by Korr's associate Khedryn Faal.[1] Douro's encounter was recorded by a device that One Sith had attached to the Anzat's optic nerve and on Korriban, Wyyrlok and the Umbaran Sith agent Nyss Nenn viewed footage a duel fought between Korr and the clone Alpha that Douro had observed during his last moments. Wyyrlok then gave Nenn some mindspears, ancient Rakatan technology that could be used to transfer memories into individuals, and he ordered Nenn to awaken an Iteration, a Sith-created clone of Jaden Korr. Wyyrlok then planned for Nenn and the Umbaran's sister Syll to track down the real Korr and use a mindspear to transfer the Jedi's consciousness into the Iteration, so that the Iteration could infiltrate the New Jedi Order.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Wyyrlok extensively used the word "therefore," as noted by Kell Douro.[1]

Power and abilities[]

Darth Wyyrlok, as a Sith Lord was Force-sensitive and was able use his skill in the Force to burn a vision Darth Krayt had into Kell Duoro's mind.[1] He also was aware of the existence of the technique Alter environment.[2]



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