"I earned my place on the Dark Council, and I won't share my father's fate."
―Darth Zhorrid[src]

Darth Zhorrid was a female Human who was the daughter and apprentice of Dark Councilor and Sith Lord Darth Jadus during the Cold War and the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. She later succeeded her father in becoming Councilor of the Sphere of Imperial Intelligence.


"I am Darth Zhorrid, Lord of the Dark Council and successor to Darth Jadus."
―Darth Zhorrid[src]

Darth Zhorrid was the only known apprentice trained by her father, Darth Jadus.[1] She had scars running from the edges of her mouth to her ears. In her early years, she found herself being talented at singing, something that even her father acknowledged. Later, Jadus specifically hired a tutor to teach his daughter, who wasn't a Sith back in that time, how to sing. It was when the Sith lord set up an event in Kaas City for her only, that made overjoyed Zhorrid sing until she made all her subjects cry. Zhorrid sang her first and last opera for hours until she could sing no longer. It was then that Jadus chose to start her apprenticeship, as he know his daughter's love for him shall be reduced to hatred for the rest of her life.

After her father's alleged murder at the hands of the terrorist known as the Eagle, she was named a member of the Dark Council to take his place. She later summoned Cipher Nine to her offices on Korriban, where she tested the agent's skills by ordering her guards to attack Nine. She then excused the Cipher to hunt down the terrorist cells.

Though she demanded respect from her fellow Councilors, they simply laughed at her, viewing her as a child. She wished to seek revenge on Jadus' "killer," the Eagle, or all involved with him.

Cipher Nine managed to eradicate those who were a part of the Eagle terrorist network, which gave Zhorrid a chance to achieve more personal power. In 3641 BBY the Star Cabal nearly brought Imperial Intelligence, one of the organizations operating inside her sphere of influence, to its knees. She disbanded the agency and, along with the Dark Council, established Sith Intelligence, which she headed directly though she was later replaced with Lana Beniko by Darth Marr.

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Darth Zhorrid wielded a single-bladed Sith lightsaber in combat. Zhorrid was also capable of Force lightning and Force storm.

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Darth Zhorrid was first indirectly mentioned in Darth Jadus's Holonet entry on the website for BioWare's video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. The entry contains several Aurebesh phrases; one of them is "Daughter is only known apprentice."[1]

She would be killed if the Agent decided to ally with the secretly-alive Darth Jadus, otherwise it can be presumed that the Agent remained loyal to Zhorrid.




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