The dartship was a Killik version of a starfighter. They were mass-produced during the Dark Nest Crisis and used against both the Chiss Ascendancy and the Galactic Alliance. There were two main variants: one with a rocket-powered engine, the other with an ion drive. The latter became much more common as the Gorog assumed a more active role in the Colony and began making preparations for war.

Two types of fuel seem to have been used on the rocket-powered dartships. The Qoribu nests for a time used methane. Jaina Solo believed the colony's reluctance to switch to hydrogen was because the Killiks produced the methane themselves. It was later deduced by R2-D2 that a swarm of the craft that attacked the Millennium Falcon were powered by hydrogen, as they had a far greater performance ratio than normal dartships. These fighters were later revealed to belong to the Gorog; however, ion propulsion found prevalence among the Dark Nest as it tightened its grasp on the colonies.

These fighters were also notorious for their ramming tactics which was used around Qoribu when dartships en masse rammed a Chiss Ascendancy Star Destroyer and destroyed it.

Dartships also carried payloads of "primitive" chemical explosives.



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