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A factory was constructed on the industrial world of Darvannis by the Eternal Empire. Darvannis was one the first worlds conquered during the Eternal Empire conquest and was used as a staging point for Zakuulan invasion into the wider galaxy. The factory produced ships, weapons, Skytrooper droid forces and had fully automated defenses, including kilometer-deep tunnels, energy shielding, defensive turrets and anti-infantry ground cannons. At some the GEMINI Prime droid was relocated to the factory, where it was used as a template for other GEMINI units.[1]

Following the successful heist by Anti-Zakuul Alliance on the Gilded Star in 3631 BBY, SCORPIO identified the GEMINI Prime as the next major target for the Alliance leadership. Unable to mount a full assault themselves, Theron Shan contacted Mandalore the Avenger and made a agreement for Mandalorian clans to raid the factory. The Alliance Commander went to capture the GEMINI Prime, while the Mandalorians were after the chance to get payback against Zakuul and taking the spoils from the factory for re-arming themselves.[1]

A large-scale battle eventually broke out, with rotating assault teams of two hunred Mandalorian commandos each deployed around the factory. Systematically, the Mandalorian forces took out the energy shields, captured the perimeter guns and reprogrammed them to target the factory, destroyed the factory's power stations, neutralized the listening post and finally led a final push deep inside the factory. The Mandalorians retrieved a large amount of weapons, while the Alliance Commander found and secure the GEMINI Prime unit before retreating. After the battle, many factory mechanisms remained functional, but mostly went offline.[1]

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Darvannis factory appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 14: Mandalore the Avenger.


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