"We used to jest that he was half rancor."
Halliava Vurse on Dasan[src]

Dasan was a male Dathomirian who was resided on the planet Dathomir. Dasan was a tall warrior and part of the Broken Columns Clan, a tribe composed of men.

Under the leadership of Tasander Dest, the Hapan-born founder of the Broken Columns Clan, the clan befriended the Raining Leaves Clan, which was comprised of traditionalist Dathomiri Witches. The Broken Columns Clan was the only tribe of men that did not attack the Raining Leaves Clan shortly after the massacre that befell their clan. The two tribes developed a custom where every year they would convene near Redgill Lake and form marriages that lasted a year.

Halliava Vurse, the chief trainer of scouts for the Raining Leaves Clan, told Jedi Knight Ben Skywalker that she married Dasan in 37 ABY during their conclave and later gave birth to Aradasa Vurse. Dasan died a month after the conclave when he fell from a tree while plundering nests of their eggs.


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