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The Dashades were a race of large reptilian humanoids notable for their resistance to the powers of the Force.

Biology and appearance[]

A cloaked Dashade

Dashade were large reptilians with dark skin, lamprey-like mouths and powerful claws. In addition to their partial Force resistance, they were resistant to radiation. They also had an ability to dissipate heat, which made them hard to detect using standard life-form sensors.[1]

Society and culture[]

Thanks to their resistance to the Force, Dashade warriors easily found employment as combat instructors for the Jedi and assassins for the Sith.[1] They also used their natural abilities to their advantage as elite assassins, mercenaries, and among similar professions.[2]

Some common Dashade names were Alaris Koth, Nos Kellex, Tel Sorath, and Tessun Kel.[2]


Khem Val, a Dashade

The Dashade homeworld, Urkupp, was destroyed in 3996 BBY when the Cron Drift supernova exploded during the Great Sith War, wiping out the vast majority of the Dashade. Though they were rendered nearly extinct, remnant populations were seen sporadically for millennia.

One survivor of the destruction of Urkupp was Snar Extruct, a warrior who befriended the Jedi Master Skarch Vaunk. Extruct moved to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, becoming the sparring partner of Vaunk.[3] Thirty-eight Dashade Shadow Killers, retainers of a Falleen royal house, were among the off-world survivors. In order to preserve these elite warriors, they were placed in cryogenic suspension, to be revived one at a time when needed for special assignments. The Dashade Khem Val, a former servant of the ancient Dark Lord of the Sith Tulak Hord survived on Korriban during the Cold War. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, only one known Dashade remained, Ket Maliss. Prince Xizor, a descendant of the royals who had passed the Dashade down over the generations, inherited this warrior and made him an assassin for Black Sun.[1]

Around 3631 BBY, a Dashade known as Ak'ghal Usar was released on Yavin 4 by the Outlander. After being subdued, Usar revealed that he had come to the moon in hopes of destroying Exar Kun, who was believed to have destroyed Urkupp and its Dashade population. However, Usar's mission was prevented when he was captured by a being known as the "black-eyed Sith," whose real identity was that of Valkorion. After learning that neither Valkorion nor Kun possessed a physical body to attack, Usar offered his services to the Outlander, which were either accepted or rejected.[4]

A Dashade squad leader in combat

There was also evidence that Dashade mercenaries participated in the Great Jedi Purge.

Some believed that the Dashade may have founded colonies before Urkupp's destruction.[1] New Republic Security became concerned that these lost colonies may have started working for the Imperial Remnant and in the criminal underworld. To assuage their fears, they dispatched a number of spacers to scout uninhabited star systems close to novas, supernovas, highly charged gas clouds, and even tide-locked worlds from binary star systems. They supplied ships and a mobile HoloNet transceiver to aid them. It is unclear what discoveries were made from these endeavors.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Decipher, the creators of Star Wars Customizable Card Game, claim they took their picture of Ket Maliss from the cantina scene in A New Hope.[source?] However, the original Databank claimed that Maliss only appears in the Holiday Special's cantina scene, and that a photo was digitally manipulated for his card to make him appear to be in A New Hope's cantina scene.


A Dashade


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