This Star Wars Legends article contains information, notably from "Republic HoloNet News Core Edition 15:01:13", that is affected by the Star Wars: The Clone Wars project.

A definitive Legends Clone Wars timeline, as well as the continuity of "Republic HoloNet News Core Edition 15:01:13", was never established by Lucasfilm.

"We've been trying to let people know that the Jrade is once again open. I guess people are still shaken up by it all."
―Dassa Borkannits[1]

Dassa Borkannits was the Director of Communications for the Jrade District of the Galactic City on the planet Coruscant.[1] In 21 BBY,[2] a memorial statue for former Galactic Republic Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum, who had been killed in the terrorist attack of 14:9:19, was planned for the Jrade Plaza Chancellery Walkway in the Jrade District. The development caused the plaza to be shut down for several weeks for security investigations. When the memorial was unveiled to a small crowd of only 200 people, Borkannits stated to HoloNet News that they had been trying to inform the public that Jrade Plaza was reopened, speculating that they were still frightened by recent events. Borkannits' statements were included in the 15:01:13 HoloNet News Core Edition.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Dassa Borkannits was mentioned in "Republic HoloNet News Core Edition 15:01:13," an in-universe news report written by Pablo Hidalgo and published in the seventy-third issue of the Star Wars Insider magazine[1] on December 26, 2003.[3] "The Lost One," an episode of the sixth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars[4] that first aired on March 1, 2014,[5] portrayed Valorum as alive[4] in 20 BBY,[6] contradicting his previously established death in 21 BBY and leaving the canonicity of Borkannits' involvement with the Finis Valorum Memorial in the Star Wars Legends continuity uncertain.[2]


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