The Data Seekers were an underground group whose members sought to unravel the mysteries of the Anoat sector's ancient history. Their research interests included the origins of the Kouhun, the survival and exile of the Noble Court, the hierarchy of the Ivax Syndicate, and the existence of the Force. The Seekers were espionage experts who posed as merchants, pirates and traders, offering work and minor intelligence to any individual likely to advance their cause. One of them, Dazur Dar the Data Broker, traded not only secrets, but also a whole range of items the Seekers had picked up in their travels.[1]

By the time of the Iron Blockade, the Seekers had agents planted within the Galactic Empire's forces for many years, which had allowed them to learn the truth about the gassing of Anoat, the prisons on Deyer, and more.[2] The Seekers also placed spies as archivists within the Noble Court, which allowed them to discover what the nobles were secretly doing on Council.[3]


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