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A data plaque was a handheld device used to store information. They required a reader to view their contents. Han Solo once recovered a data plaque owned by the slaver Zlarb that led him on a search to break the slaver ring and regain his lost ten thousand credits. Yarkora antiques dealer Saell-Terae used a data plaque to store astrogation charts of parts of the Unknown Regions. He hid the data plaque in the airlock of his ship Lost Reef. A data plaque was also central to the negotiations between the Rebel Alliance and the Aquaris Freeholders, where Kraaken tried to steal the data plaque for the Galactic Empire. However, Leia deliberately leaked the existence of the plaque to draw him out as a traitor. The data plaque was also modified by Leia with a micro-proton charge that was activated via remote detonation so that in the event that Kraaken escaped, she would blow him up before he could deliver the vital data to the Empire.

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