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A datacard containing the Death Star plans

A datacard or data disk was a flat, handheld device used to store information.

During the Battle of Scarif, the Death Star plans stolen by Rogue One were beamed to the Profundity, where they were transferred to a datacard. The card was given to Princess Leia Organa,[1] who later tried to deliver the plans to Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine. When her ship fell under attack from the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Devastator, she stored the datacard into the memory banks of R2-D2, shortly after recording a message for Kenobi.[2]

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Datacards feature as an in-game resource, containing characters and other materials, in the non-canon video game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, ranging from Bronzium to packs of Chromium and the most expensive Aurodium.



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