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"A beton nya mombay m'bwa!"
―Jawaese for, "This is mine, all mine!"[src]

Dathcha was a male Jawa adventurer and trader who served as lead scout under the leadership of Chief Nebit.



Dathcha was famous for taunting a krayt dragon and living to tell the tale. Dathcha wanted to leave Tatooine and explore the galaxy. At some point he stole Wuher's EPT-212 droid detector, because he didn't like his "no droids" policy. However, Wuher had hired a spacer to return it, who confronted Dathcha in the Dune Sea and took the detector off him after knocking him unconscious.[2]

In 0 BBY he shot R2-D2 in the Jundland Wastes. He was accompanied by his nephew Enjikket. His entire clan was slaughtered by stormtroopers who were searching for the droids they had recently sold.[1]

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Dathcha was portrayed by the late Jack Purvis in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, and not Hal Wamsley as he falsely claimed.



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