"Exploring? What's to explore? It's a patch of mud spattered with permacrete habitation. I've seen more promising sites on the underside of a shoe."
C-3PO on Dathomir Spaceport[src]

Dathomir Spaceport was the preeminent spaceport on the planet Dathomir. It consisted primarily of a grassy and muddy field that housed several dull gray prefabricated permacrete domes, among them an administrative building, a communications center, a hostel, several small hangars, and Monarg's Mechanic Works. It was surrounded by a mesh durasteel fence, and was due west of marshlands. Tarth Vames was the deputy director of operations in 43 ABY, when Luke and Ben Skywalker brought the Jade Shadow to Dathomir in pursuit of the Sith apprentice Vestara Khai.



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