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The Dauntless was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer that, along with four other similar ships, was assigned to a special task force in Moff Vanko's sector. Sent to stave piracy, the Dauntless, Relentless, Invincible, and Triumphant were to receive TIE Avenger starfighters from the Deep Space Manufacturing Facility Sentinel. The transfer was interrupted by a raid from Rebel Alliance starfighters bound on destroying the TIE Advanced fighters while they were flown to the Dauntless by untrained workers. If the Rebel starfighters are unsuccessful in destroying enough "TIE Advanced" then their last option is to send in the frigate Rehz'nor which will send X-wings and Y-wings in an attempt to destroy the Dauntless.

Commanded by Captain Orsk, it additionally served as flagship to Lira Wessex.

Behind the scenesEdit

While the occurrence of the space battle depicted in this mission, as well as the participants, is C-Canon, the outcome depends on the actions of the player and is therefore indeterminate. For lack of other canonical information it should be assumed that no lasting effect (such as the destruction of the station or a starship) resulted from the battle.



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