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"How will I gain access to Bastion?"
"With this ship as bait"
Darth Kruhl and Darth Maladi[src]

The Dauntless was a Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer in the Imperial Navy of the Fel Empire; though following the coup orchestrated by the One Sith it became part of the Sith Empire's fleet.


The Dauntless is destroyed with all hands lost.

"This is Admiral Tohri Challon, in command of His Imperial Majesty's Star Destroyer Dauntless."
―Admiral Tohri Challon[src]

In 137 ABY, Darth Maladi had Darth Kruhl attempt to infiltrate Bastion and assassinate Emperor Roan Fel using the defection of the Dauntless and Governor Vikar Dorn, whose son was the vessel's captain, as bait. When Lord Kruhl failed, Roan Fel's forces mustered and executed the entire crew, sparing only Governor Dorn, who was returned to Sith-controlled space as a messenger.

Afterwards, the Dauntless became part of Fel's fleet and was used to transport the Emperor to Agamar to meet with the New Jedi Order. By this time, the vessel was under the command of Admiral Tohri Challon, with Captain Basile as her second in command.

When the First Sith Imperial Strikeforce ambushed Fel and the meeting, the Dauntless engaged the three enemy Star Destroyers to allow the Emperor to be evacuated in his shuttle. Although it was successful in covering the shuttle long enough for it to make a hyperspace jump, the Dauntless was destroyed soon after by the War Hammer.