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"We're letting you keep the Dauntless."
―Han Solo[src]

The Dauntless was a cruiser in the New Republic Defense Fleet and Galactic Alliance Navy during the Yuuzhan Vong War.[1][2]


After the Battle of Fondor, carrier forces were deployed to protect the New Republic's major shipyards.[3] In the period after the Battle of Yag'Dhul, the Dauntless formed an important part of the force defending the Bilbringi Shipyards, commanded by General Muun.[1] When the Senate Select Committee for Refugees asked for the temporary reassignment of a quarter of Muun's forces to protect a group of Vray, the Dauntless was excluded from the request.[1]

Later, the Dauntless was part of the Alliance forces that participated in the Defense of Mon Calamari.[2] It later served in the recapture of Coruscant, where it was probably part of the Fourth Fleet, providing fire support to the Imperial Navy flagship Right to Rule alongside two MC80B Star Cruisers.[2]

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Considering the prominent role that the ship is given in the scenes in which it appears, it is likely that the Dauntless was a relatively important warship. It is possible that it was a Dauntless-class heavy cruiser, an old but powerful Sullustan design.

Based on the description of the bombardment during the liberation of Coruscant, it is possible that its armament included proton torpedoes: Right to Rule contributes a quad laser cannon salvo, and proton torpedoes are not standard for MC80B Star Cruisers.



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