"Evacuation on the basis of rank? But I'm only a lieutenant, sir."

Dauren was a lieutenant on the Imperial planet of Carida.


When Kyp Durron arrived in the Sun Crusher and threatened to destroy the Carida system unless provided with information on his brother, Zeth, Carida's ruler, Furgan, told Dauren to stall Kyp until Caridan forces had a chance to disable the Sun Crusher.

Dauren told Kyp that Zeth had died heroically, saving the rest of his squad during stormtrooper training. An enraged Kyp then proceeded to begin the destruction of Carida's sun, Caridan. After learning there was no way to undo this process, and after all attempts to subdue or destroy the Sun Crusher failed, Dauren told Kyp the truth. Zeth was still alive. He even showed Zeth to Kyp to prove it. A frantic Kyp flew to the building where they were located, planning to evacuate Zeth before the supernova—and Dauren as well, feeling that an Imperial contact would come in handy. Upon his arrival, however, he saw Dauren rather inexplicably beating in Zeth's head from behind.

Kyp closed his cockpit, refusing to allow Dauren to enter, and Zeth killed him from behind with his blaster; however, Dauren's foolishness caused enough of a delay to cost Zeth his life, as the star went nova just before Kyp could save his brother.



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