"We need to know what utreekov parked the Davaab fighter on top of the -- what is this? The Highport Banking Tower. We need the space for the new receiver platform. Get up here and get your ship before we push it over the side."
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The Davaab-type starfighter was a type of starfighter used by the Mandalorians from before and during the Mandalorian Wars.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

A Davaab-type starfighter's cockpit.

Its name derived from the Mando'a word for "carrying out" and "execution," the fighter was used by the Mandalorians for capital ship protection. The 8.8 meter long Davaab starfighter was wide, boasting asymmetrical wings: a longer, bent fin-shape wing and a shorter wing with a cannon. A bubble canopy allowed the pilot to see his immediate surroundings.[2] The craft was designed to land with each wing rotated horizontally, similar to the operation of the B-wing starfighter millennia later.[4] The design of the fighter also vaguely resembled the Miy'til and Ginivex-class starfighters of the Clone Wars era.[5]

It was based on a heavily modified Core Galaxy Systems model from before the Great Sith War,[1] and could be seen in many variations under the Mandalorian Crusaders owners. By the time the Neo-Crusaders ideals began spreading throughout the Mandalorian forces, the type was mass produced in their war forges, supplying new warriors with a more recognizable model.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Although unknown when they first became used by the Mandalorians, the Davaab-type fighter saw action during the Mandalorian's conquest on the outer rim.[2] Mandalorian Crusaders saw the Davaab starfighters as objects of personal pride,[1] and willingly invested their personal time and resources on modifications and upgrades.

During the expansion of the Neo-Crusader doctrine, the Davaab fighter took a more uniform look. Many older Mandalorians, annoyed by the new fighter's stock package and lack of interior comforts, began modifying the fighters like before in secret and behind the backs of their Rally Masters.[1] A number of these fighters fought in the Battle of Vanquo and later in the Invasion of Taris.[6][7] Following the subjugation of the Upper City, these fighters patrolled the skylanes while the ground troops moved to the lower levels of the planet-wide city.[7]

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