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"You put down the blasters right now."
―Davan confronts the mercenaries — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

Davan, designated "DC1," was a human male soldier in the New Republic who served as the sole organic crew member on one of their prison ships. Around 9 ABY, Davan was present in the control room when a team of mercenaries infiltrated the transport to free a prisoner. During a heated confrontation, Davan pointed his blaster at the criminals and held up a tracking beacon, threatening to alert the New Republic of their infiltration. He was killed when the mercenary Xi'an threw a dagger at him, but not before the soldier managed to activate the beacon.


"Stop! Just stop right there."
―Davan is alarmed by the mercenaries — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

Around the year 9 ABY,[1] Davan—using the designation "DC1"—served as a soldier of the New Republic and was the sole organic crew member of a prison ship guarded by New Republic security droids. At some point, the transport was boarded by a team of mercenaries who sought to rescue the prisoner Qin. After defeating a number of security droids, they arrived at the control room where Davan was based. The soldier sprung from his seat and aimed his A-180 blaster at the four mercenaries. Despite Davan telling them to put down their blasters, the mercenaries slowly surrounded him.[2]

Davan Dead The Mandalorian

Davan was killed by Xi'an.

Davan held up a homing beacon, which would call in New Republic reinforcements, in an attempt to threaten the mercenaries. The team leader, Mayfeld, told the soldier to put the beacon down, calling him an "egghead." While the leader and two of the other mercenaries wished to kill him, the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin opposed the idea, attempting to negotiate with the Davan before Mayfeld intervened, insisting on killing the soldier. Djarin argued with Mayfeld and the Devaronian Burg to keep Davan alive, igniting a tense standoff between the three. The remaining mercenary, the Twi'lek Xi'an, then threw a dagger at the soldier, killing him, but not before he activated the beacon. The mercenaries immediately realized that New Republic reinforcements were on the way.[2]

After leaving the control room, the mercenaries found Qin and betrayed Djarin, locking him inside a cell. The Mandalorian, however, managed to escape and proceeded to fight and defeat Burg in the control room, where Davan's corpse still lay. Djarin then defeated and trapped the other mercenaries on the ship before fleeing with Qin. The Mandalorian planted Davan's beacon on Qin and delivered him to the space station where his client awaited, leading the New Republic reinforcements there.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Hey, hey, hey. Listen to me, okay? […] What's your name?"
"It's Davan."
―Din Djarin and Davan — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

Davan was a human male with light skin, brown hair, and blue eyes. He was frightened upon seeing Din Djarin and his team enter the control room, ordering them to drop their blasters to no avail. When they surrounded him, Davan swiftly revealed a tracking beacon as a threat, breathing heavily as tensions rose. When Djarin attempted to reason with him, asking for his name, Davan stammered in his response.[2]


"Nice shoes. Matches his belt."
―Mayfeld mocks Davan's uniform — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]
Davan standoff

Davan draws his A-180 blaster.

Davan wore a blue uniform with a New Republic insignia on the left shoulder. He wore white shoes[2] that resembled those of an Imperial stormtrooper.[3] Mayfeld sarcastically remarked that they matched Davan's belt, which displayed an officer's disk upon the buckle. Davan also wore a white helmet with a black tinted visor,[2] the same type of helmet as the ones used by the Alderaanian consular security.[4] Davan's designation, "DC1," was printed in Aurebesh on the side of the helmet. He possessed both a holstered A-180 blaster and a tracking beacon.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Notable appearancesEdit

"It was secretive, very secretive, as all Star Wars things are, and I've known that, but even more so in the live action."
―Matt Lanter, on the "Jabba the Pod" podcast with SYFY — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

Davan appeared in "Chapter 6: The Prisoner," the sixth episode of Jon Favreau's live-action television series The Mandalorian, which was directed by Rick Famuyiwa[2] and released on December 13, 2019 on Disney+.[5] Credited as "New Republic soldier" in the episode's end credits, he was portrayed by Matt Lanter,[2] who had previously voiced Anakin Skywalker in various Star Wars media such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and Star Wars: Battlefront II.[6] In the episode, when Djarin and Burg fight in the control room, Davan's body is positioned differently to how it had fallen in his death scene, having moved to the corner of the room.[2]

Lanter's portrayalEdit

"Every time I got out of my trailer, I had to have a cloak; I was wearing a cloak so no one could see my uniform. It was kind of the first time we've seen that New Republic soldier on film."
―Matt Lanter, on the "Jabba the Pod" podcast with SYFY — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

Matt Lanter on set as Davan

According to Lanter, he was asked to play Davan by his former The Clone Wars director Dave Filoni,[7] the executive producer and director of The Mandalorian.[8] Lanter told this story in an interview on SYFY's "Jabba the Pod" podcast and expressed his enjoyment in taking part in the show, comparing it to working on a Star Wars film. He also claimed that the costume for Davan had to be remade after Filoni realized it was a "slight wrong color" and that because of the secretive nature of the episode's production, Lanter had to wear a cloak over his costume when leaving his trailer to go on set for "Chapter 6: The Prisoner."[7]

In an interview with the "Rebel Force Radio" podcast, Lanter told the hosts that he had a body scan of himself as Davan in a trailer, where he had photos taken from numerous angles of him in a number of different poses using a large number of cameras. The scan came as a part of what he thought was protocol for all characters, and he speculated that it could be for an action figure. Lanter also told the podcast that during the first take of Davan's death, he stumbled into a fake control panel, which he collided with in the scene, and broke it. This angered the set dresser, who allegedly advised Lanter into being more cautious with the set in the next few takes.[9]



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