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Dave Cockrum (November 11, 1943November 26, 2006) was a comic-book artist who worked for both Marvel and DC Comics. Cockrum's first work in the comic industry after leaving the United States Navy was for Warren Publishing, and he was later hired by DC Comics to draw Legion of Superheroes stories. In 1975 Cockrum joined Marvel Comics, where he and writer Len Wein revived the X-Men comic series adding several new characters of their own creation including Storm, Colossus, and (Cockrum's favorite) Nightcrawler.

In 2004, Cockrum became seriously ill due to complications from pneumonia and diabetes, which hampered his ability to create new comics. He passed away on November 26, 2006.

He was married to Paty Cockrum, former staff member and occasional contributor to Marvel.

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Cover of Star Wars (1977) 17 by Cockrum and Bob McLeod

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