"In the end, I remember KotOR as a project I enjoyed a lot."
―David Gaider[2]

David Gaider is a writer and a video game designer,[1] and was part of the design team of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic[3]. He worked for BioWare from 1999 to 2016,[1] and he is also known to be the Lead Writer for the Dragon Age series.[4]

On Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Gaider worked as a designer[3] and writer. He is responsible for HK-47, Carth Onasi, Korriban (and the Code of the Sith), Jolee Bindo, and part of Bastila Shan.[5] He admitted that, being mostly a fantasy writer, the game was difficult for him to work on at first. His "writer's block" disappeared after James Ohlen offered a different perspective on Star Wars, describing it not as a sci-fi world, but as a fantasy setting. Thus Gaider started taking more pleasure in his work.[2]

Though it was not stated in the game, Gaiden named Onasi's deceased wife "Morgana."[6]



Year Title Notes
2003 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Designer


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