Davon Gitta was a Human bounty hunter and mercenary, and an employee of the Desilijic Hutt clan.

In 27 BBY, the Hutts assigned Gitta to capture Ree, a Twi'lek podracer associated with rival crime lord Kaeline Ungasan. Gitta led a party of three Gamorreans in this mission.

The Hutts also used deception and hired some independent agents to find Ree; these people believed they were looking for a runaway child to return him to his parents. The false parents provided the do-gooders with images of Ree in a datapad; the datapad also included a tracking device so that Gitta could follow them. As soon as they had found Ree, Gitta's orders were to capture Ree and kill the agents, whom the Hutts considered dangerous loose ends.

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

This character appears in a role-playing game adventure. If the player characters discover the tracking device in the datapad and get rid of it, then Gitta and his thugs cannot follow them. This is an unlikely scenario: Probably, Gitta will follow the characters to Ando Prime, intimidate mining manager Geon Justic after the characters talk to him, and then go after them for a shootout with Ree in the Juaka Canyon.

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