"Such fighting spirit, Davtokk. Almost commendable, if you were successful."
Cad Bane[2]

Davtokk was an ambitious male bounty hunter operating during the Clone Wars. Around 21 BBY, he was invited to the planet Keyorin for a job interview with Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane, though Davtokk actually intended to collect the bounty on Bane's head. When he arrived at the appointed meeting place, Davtokk drew his blaster and shot the Duros but was dismayed to find he had merely destroyed a droid decoy. Realizing he was in danger, Davtokk narrowly evaded attempts by two different bounty hunters to capture him before being shot through the leg by Aurra Sing, yet another hunter. As Davtokk lay sprawled on the ground, Bane approached and revealed that the ordeal had been a test to see how well the other three bounty hunters would work together. Their success meant the demise of Davtokk, as Bane put a blaster to his head and fired, ending his life.


"Oh crud."
―Davtokk, after shooting Bane's decoy[2]

Davtokk attempts to escape the hunters.

Around 21 BBY,[1] Davtokk, a male bounty hunter, accepted an invitation to meet fellow bounty hunter Cad Bane, a Duros, who was holding job interviews. He traveled to Keyorin, known as the "Hunter's world,"[2] and was directed to Bane's location by the Duros's own techno-service droid, Todo 360.[3] When he came face to face with his host, he expressed his gratitude at being considered by such a great bounty hunter, then drew his weapon and fired, stating he preferred to claim the bounty on Bane's head. It was then that he saw his "victim" was nothing more than a B1-Series battle droid painted and dressed to look like Bane. Davtokk then realized he had been set up.[2]

At that moment, the bounty hunter Robonino remotely detonated a bomb inside the building. Davtokk survived the explosion by rocketing through the crumbling roof of the structure. It was then that he was ensnared in a net fired by the Weequay hunter Shahan Alama. As he hit the ground, he cut his way free of the net and tossed flash-bang grenades to blind and stun his attacker, fleeing the scene. Davtokk believed he had eluded capture until his escape was cut short by a well-aimed sniper shot to his leg, fired by the Force-sensitive mercenary Aurra Sing.[2]

As he lay at the feet of his captors, Bane approached and revealed that Davtokk had been selected as a target to test how well the usually solitary members of Bane's new posse could work together as a team, in preparation for a mission to the galactic capital of Coruscant. His failure ensured their success, and the cost of Davtokk's downfall was his life. Bane put one of his custom blasters to Davtokk's head and pulled the trigger, killing him.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"It's an honor, sir, to be considered for your posse… A greater honor to claim the price on your head!"
―Davtokk, to Cad Bane[2]

Davtokk meets the orchestrator of his demise.

Davtokk was a dark-skinned male with long, blueish-black hair tied in a braid stretching the length of his back. All his hair grew from the top and back of his scalp, and he shaved the sides of his head. He had two distinguishing scars that ran down his left cheek, crossed his lips, and continued down his chin. He was a skilled hunter and had a persistent fighting spirit, as was demonstrated in his attempt to evade Bane's trap. That he even attempted to claim the bounty on Bane showed that he was an ambitious bounty hunter, willing to take on high-risk jobs.[2]


Davtokk wore crimson armor over a gray bodysuit. His armor included a jetpack, which he concealed under a dark gray cloak. His wrist gauntlets held an assortment of weaponry, including a knife blade that extended from the right gauntlet. He also made use of flash-bang grenades.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Davtokk's character was created by Pablo Hidalgo and illustrated by Thomas Hodges. His sole appearance was in The Clone Wars: Invitation Only, a web comic leading directly into "Hostage Crisis," the twenty-second and final episode in the first season of The Clone Wars television series.[4]


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