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"You were right. Someone faked the evidence. The recording presented to the Senate was not the full recording, but this disc is. You must show the Senate."
―Davu Golec[src]

Davu Golec was a male[2] Mandalorian[3] human who lived on the planet Coruscant and worked in the Republic's Ministry of Intelligence during the Clone Wars. He was a close friend and associate of Duchess Satine Kryze, leader of the New Mandalorians on Mandalore, during the years before and during the Clone Wars. When Duchess Kryze journeyed to Coruscant in order to argue against the Republic's occupation plans for Mandalore, Golec discovered the testimony from Deputy Minister Jerec. The testimony stated that the request that the Republic send troops had been falsified. Risking his life and career in order to bring the full version of the testimony to the Duchess, Golec met with her in a shadowy alley on Coruscant.[2]

However, Kryze had been followed to Coruscant by a member of the radical Mandalorian splinter group, Death Watch. When the Death Watch assassin found Kryze meeting with Golec, he fired a shot from his sniper rifle, killing Golec. Kryze pulled her blaster to fire back, but was then forced to flee the scene, pursued by the Coruscant Police and Coruscant Guard shock troopers, who believed she had killed Golec. Satine was able to meet with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in secret and gave him the disk, to be given to Senator Padmé Amidala. Kryze turned herself in to the Senate Guard while Amidala delivered Deputy Minister Jerec's true message to the Senate. Kryze was vindicated of Golec's murder, and the disk he had provided to Kryze convinced the Senate to vote against sending troops to Mandalore.[2]



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