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"You were right. Someone faked the evidence. The recording presented to the Senate was not the full recording, but this disc is. You must show the Senate."
―Davu Golec[src]

Davu Golec was a male Human who worked in the Galactic Republic's Ministry of Intelligence during the Clone Wars. Born on the galactic capital world of Coruscant, Golec became a close friend and associate of Duchess Satine Kryze, leader of the New Mandalorians on Mandalore, during the years before and during the Clone Wars. Though he worked as a bureaucrat and never considered himself to be a hero, Golec got his chance just the same when Duchess Kryze journeyed to Coruscant in order to argue against the Republic occupation plans for Mandalore. Golec discovered the testimony from a leading member of the New Mandalorian government had been falsified, and he risked his life and career in order to bring the evidence of the ruse to Kryze. However, Kryze had been followed to Coruscant by a member of the radical Mandalorian splinter group, Death Watch, with intentions to kill Kryze. When the Death Watch soldier found Kryze meeting with Golec, he fired a shot from his sniper rifle that pierced Golec's chest, killing him. Golec's sacrifice would prove not to be in vain, for when the evidence he provided was presented to the members of the Galactic Senate, the senators chose to allow Mandalore its desired neutrality.


"Where did you get this?"
"Buried, deep in the evidence facility at the Ministry. It was not easy to find, believe me."
―Satine Kryze and Davu Golec[src]

Davu Golec was a Human male, native to the galactic capital world of Coruscant.[1] As an adult, Golec joined the Galactic Republic's Ministry of Intelligence, and at some point came to be a friend and associate of Duchess Satine Kryze, leader of the peaceful New Mandalorians on Mandalore.[3] By the start of the Clone Wars—a galaxy-encompassing conflict waged between the Republic and the forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems—Golec worked as a Republic intelligence bureaucrat, employed to monitor intercepted transmissions in order to assist the Republic's war effort.[4]


Davu Golec risked his life to deliver the evidence to Satine Kryze.

When the Republic drafted a defense initiative that would send a contingent of clone troopers to the planet Mandalore in order to help combat the threat that the radical Mandalorian splinter group known as the Death Watch posed to the world's continuing peace, Golec's friend, Duchess Kryze, traveled to Coruscant in order to plead her case against such a move to the Galactic Senate. In the Senate hall, Kryze proclaimed that Republic intervention in Mandalorian affairs would only make the situation on Mandalore worse, but Supreme Chancellor Palpatine presented a holorecording of the New Mandalorian Deputy Minister, Jerec, stating just the opposite and demanding Republic assistance. While Kryze was shocked that her trusted friend would say such things, Golec found the truth:[3] the transmission from Jerec had been edited in order to change its meaning. Realizing the importance of the information he had uncovered, Golec copied the true recording despite not knowing who had altered it in the first place, and arranged to meet with Kryze to deliver the evidence in the hopes of averting further warfare.[4]


Golec paid for Mandalore's continued neutrality with his life.

Golec's actions did not go unnoticed; as he crept into the streets of Coruscant to meet with Kryze, Golec believed he was being followed. When the two met in an alley, he rushed to pass off the datachip to Kryze and urged her to take the evidence before the Senate. Kryze scarcely had time to thank Golec before a blaster bolt fired from the rifle of a Death Watch assassin struck him in the chest, killing him almost instantly. As Kryze drew her own weapon to defend herself against the assailant, a Coruscant Security Force police probe droid came upon the scene and mistaken took Kryze to be Golec's killer. Desperate to escape and present the evidence Golec had died to bring her, Kryze fled. She managed to make contact with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, who passed the evidence on to Senator Padmé Amidala, and it was she who delivered Deputy Minister Jerec's true message to the Senate while Kryze turned herself in. Kryze was vindicated of Golec's murder, and the evidence he provided caused the Senate to vote against sending troops to Mandalore.[3]

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"You've put yourself in great danger. I'll never forget it."
"I had to come. This is worth it."
Satine Kryze and Davu Golec, on risking his life for Mandalore[src]

As a Coruscanti bureaucrat, Davu Golec had never desired to be a hero. He was familiar with the old adage that truth was often the first casualty in war, however, and the knowledge that the government he served was falsifying evidence greatly disturbed him.[4] A supporter of Duchess Satine Kryze and the peaceful New Mandalorian faction which she ruled,[5] Golec was willing to risk his life in order to keep the Republic from invading her world, believing himself to be the only one who could avert another war between the Republic and the Mandalorians. Despite not knowing who had falsified the recording from New Mandalorian Deputy Minister Jerec, Golec mades up his mind to thwart them by delivering the true recording to Kryze.[4]



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