"See that old crone on the end? The fat one, shivering? Eating into your profits, is she? No one else'll buy her, but I can dispose of her for you. Eight credits is my final offer. Deal?"
―Thila before buying a slave.[src]

Dawn Arkanian was a female Sullustan, and the sister of Jedi Master Darrin Arkanian. She often went under the name Thila, and secretly worked for the Alliance to Restore the Republic while undercover as a slaver. Among those she worked with in the criminal underworld, she was known as The Butcher for what appeared to be her incredibly brutal approach to slavery. In reality her mission was to drop the slaves off on Alliance safe worlds and give them back their freedom.

She was captain of the aptly named Arkanian Dawn, and eventually came to work with Matt Talon, former member of the First Sun Mobile Regiment. Dawn helped Talon to see the true evil of the Empire and he showed her unwavering loyalty in return.


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