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The Dawn Pyramid of Aargau was a large structure on the planet Aargau that was built by a species called the Sharu. Like other constructions of their civilization, the pyramid was made of indestructible, iridescent plastic. When the historian Vicendi listed the Twenty Wonders of the Galaxy in his 10,000 BBY publication, the Arturum Galactinum, the Dawn Pyramid was included.


Built by the Sharu civilization,[3] the Dawn Pyramid was located on the planet Aargau in the Zug system, located at coordinates L-10 in the Arrowhead region of the Core Worlds.[1] Like similar constructs with which the Sharu civilization covered every planet in their home system of Rafa and planted on other worlds in the Centrality region and beyond, the pyramid was built of iridescent, indestructible plastic, and featured sharp edges.[3]


Around 100,000 BBY,[2] the humanoid Sharu civilization controlled the Rafa system, from which they originated, as well as the surrounding region, which would later become known as the Centrality. They covered every astronomical body in their home system with pyramids and other constructs made from a plastic that was both indestructible and iridescent. In a brief period of expansionism, the Sharu planted pyramids on other planets in the galaxy as far Coreward as Aargau, a world that was still in its prehistory. The sharp-edged pyramid they built on that world would later become known as the Dawn Pyramid of Aargau. The Sharu later withdrew to their home system, buried their cities, and drained their intellects, an act some believed was in response to the threat of the Celestial civilization that controlled much of the galaxy.[1]

As Aargau's own civilization grew, the Dawn Pyramid inspired the planet's architectural theme. It had been standing on for ninety millennia when the historian Vicendi composed the Arturum Galactinum commemorating the Galactic Republic's 15,000th anniversary. Vicendi added the Dawn Pyramid to his list of Twenty Wonders of the Galaxy in the Arturum Galactinum, a list that focused on sentient-built items as opposed to natural phenomena. The list was later criticized for its focus on antiquity and prolific Core Worlds items—two categories within which the Dawn Pyramid of Aargau definitely fell—and much later, a rewritten version titled Glorius Imperica became part of the Galactic Empire's Human High Culture propaganda through the Imperial Ministry of Education.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Dawn Pyramid of Aargau has thus far been mentioned only in one canon publication, 2009's The Essential Atlas, which was written by Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace. In the book's "Twenty Wonders of the Galaxy" entry, the Dawn Pyramid is listed alongside items from previous Star Wars publications such as the Imperial Palace on the planet Coruscant and the Valley of Royalty on Duro, as well as other first-time mentions.



Notes and referencesEdit

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