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The Dawn Temple was a remote sanctuary built by the Jedi Order on the planet Spintir, on a plateau of Mount Tellec.


Dawn Temple

The temple layout

The Dawn Temple was intended as a spiritual retreat for Jedi that had lost their way so that they could reconnect with the light side of the Force. The temple was built after greater numbers of Jedi had to stay on Spintir, and was called the "Dawn Temple" because those who were treated there would return to the light. During the Clone Wars, many Jedi stayed at the temple, and some of the darker ones had to be placed in stasis fields. While the last caretaker traveled to the city of Reles for supplies after surviving the beginning of the Great Jedi Purge, he was killed. The temple fell into disrepair, and the fallen Jedi Rav Naaran was left in stasis.

The temple did not have a large staff, but instead used three distinct bits of intelligences stored in holocrons; the Curator, the Jailor, and the Warden. The Curator took the silvery-blue form of an elderly Cerean male wearing simple Jedi robes. He was designed to run the day-to-day management of the temple, and oversee the temple's records and archives. The Warden took the form of a female Zabrak, and was created to oversee the defense of the temple, external or internal, but also contained combat training routines, and the method to construct a lightsaber. She appeared to be made of golden light, had a top knot protruding from a crown of horns, and wore armored Jedi robes with a lightsaber. The Jailor was made of pure, white light, and took the appearance of a short, male, and elderly Miraluka. He was designed to oversee the rehabilitation of the fallen Jedi and could override the commands of the other two bits of intelligences.


A thrall of Rav Naaran restrained in one of the temple's containment fields.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Dawn Temple appear in Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying game game line. The players' duel with Naaran can result in him being killed, recaptured, or escaped, although the Temple survives regardless.


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