"At the heart of a galaxy far, far away lies the Tython system—home of the Je'daii for thousands of years. Now a stranger has come and the balance of the Force has been disrupted. Three young students feel the disturbance in the Force and are called to this new, shadowy presence. It is the calm before the storm that will engulf their planet and change the galaxy forever!"
―Publisher's summary for Force Storm 2[1]

Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm 2 is the second issue in the five-issue comic book miniseries Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm, the first story arc of the Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi comic series. Written by John Ostrander and pencilled by Jan Duursema, Force Storm, Part 2 was published by Dark Horse Comics and 18,118 copies of the issue were released to comic shops worldwide on March 21, 2012. The issue received generally positive feedback following its release and was Dark Horse's second-highest selling comic in March 2012. Set in 25,793 BBY, Force Storm 2 introduces the series' main characters Shae Koda, Sek'nos Rath, and Tasha Ryo, the three of whom experience a Force vision of a shadowy warrior that draws them to the site of a crashed starship—the first ship to enter the Tython system since 36,453 BBY.

Plot summary[]

"Why're you here, Sek'nos?"
"Had a vision of a man in a metal mask. I opened myself to the Force and it led me here. You?"
"I saw the shadow man, too."
―Shae Koda and Sek'nos Rath[3]

In 25,793 BBY, the space station Furies Gate on the edges of the Tython system briefly detects an incoming starship, and though the ship vanishes, Je'daii Ranger Hawk Ryo contacts the Je'daii Council and warns them of a dark presence he sensed entering the star system. On the planet Tython, the Je'daii Journeyer Shae Koda loses control of her rancor-dragon Butch at the Je'daii Temple Anil Kesh, forcing her master Quan-Jang to save the two from falling into the dangerous Chasm when Koda loses consciousness after witnessing a Force vision of a dark warrior. Koda sets off to follow the call of her vision, and around the same time, the Devaronian assassin Jaris Kan infiltrates Ryo Fortress on the planet Shikaakwa.[1]

Kan intrudes on a conversation between Baron Volnos Ryo and his Je'daii daughter Tasha Ryo, and as Tasha defends her father from the assassin, she also experiences a vision of the dark warrior. Tasha departs for Tython, refusing to side with her crime lord father after Volnos kills a disarmed Kan. At the temple of Qigong Kesh, Sek'nos Rath is experimenting with Force lightning and showing off for several girls when he witnesses the same vision, causing him to nearly lose control of his lightning. A fourth individual also shares their vision: the former Je'daii Daegen Lok, who is imprisoned on the moon of Bogan. Koda, Rath, and Ryo follow the call of the Force to the dangerous Rift on Tython, where they witness an enormous vessel crash onto the planet's surface. As they investigate the wreckage, the three sense a great darkness, and they encounter the source: the dark warrior from their vision, the Force Hound Xesh.[1]

Main characters[]

Shae Koda[]

Shae Koda.png

Shae Koda is a Human female Je'daii Journeyer who is studying alchemy under Master Quan-Jang at Anil Kesh, and she loses her creation—the rancor-dragon Butch—as Tython begins to experience a violent Force Storm. After experiencing her vision in the depths of the Chasm, she follows the Force to the Rift, where she meets Ryo and Rath, though Koda's dislike of Ryo is palpable.[1]

Tasha Ryo[]

Tasha Ryo.png

Tasha Ryo is the Twi'lek daughter of the crime baron Volnos Ryo[1] and the Je'daii Master Kora Ryo,[4] and she is torn between her obligations to both of her parents. Ryo wields only the Force in battle, and she experiences her vision while rescuing her father from the assassin Jaris Kan. When her father kills Kan, Tasha departs for Tython in disgust and meets up with Koda and Rath at the Rift.[1]

Sek'nos Rath[]


A Sith male, Sek'nos Rath is a brash and confident Je'daii Journeyer who constantly pushes himself to impress girls and test his limits. Rath is experimenting with the dark side power of Force lightning when he sees the shadow warrior, and he meets Tasha Ryo and his friend Koda at the Rift where they see the ship's crash.[1]


Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm 2 was a thirty-page comic book written by John Ostrander and pencilled by Jan Duursema,[1] and the issue was published by Dark Horse Comics on March 21, 2012.[2] Dan Parsons was the issue's inker and Michael Heisler the letterer, and Wes Dzioba was the colorist while Randy Stradley was the editor for the issue. The cover art was drawn by Jan Duursema.[1]


Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm 2 introduces three of the series' main characters: Shae Koda, Tasha Ryo, and Sek'nos Rath, who had previously been depicted in the preview issue Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi 0. Many of the other characters and locations that premiere in Force Storm 2 were also first showcased in Dawn of the Jedi 0, such as Quan-Jang and Fury Station.[5] Force Storm 2 also introduces the character of Daegen Lok, who will be a major antagonist of the series' next arc, The Prisoner of Bogan.[6]

The Hunter-class starfighter gets miss-named as "Pteron fighter" in the comic by Hawk Ryo when talking about his own ship. Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi 0 previously established the looks and functions of both the Hunter-class starfighter, a space-worthy craft, and the Pteron glider, an air-worthy craft. While "Pteron fighter" sounds like a mix between the two types of vehicles, visual identification leaves no doubt as to what model Hawk refers to.[5]


"It took just two issues (three if you count the encyclopedic issue #0), but John Ostrander has defined a new era in the Star Wars mythology and pushed his latest narrative vessel from the dock. Aside from the historical foundation lain in the preceding issue and a strong dose of Xesh the Force Hound, Dawn of the Jedi #2 is its own beast. So, if you missed this series' first issue or just didn't particularly care for it, you shouldn't have any fear of jumping right in with this week's offering."
―Review of Force Storm 2 on IGN.com[src]

18,118 copies of Force Storm 2 were shipped to comic shops worldwide for its March 2012 release. It was the 100th highest-selling comic issue of the month, and the second highest for Dark Horse.[7] The issue received positive reception among fans at the DarkHorse.com message boards[8] and the Jedi Council Forums following its release.[9] A reviewer called "GONK" on the website Big Shiny Robot praised the issue and the sense of epicness in the buildup surrounding Xesh's arrival,[10] and the reviewer Poet Mase at IGN.com praised Ostrander's world-building and Duursema's artwork, giving the issue a 7 out of 10.[11] Force Storm 2 was later collected with the other issues of the arc in the trade paperback Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi Book One—Force Storm.[12]


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