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Day of the Sepulchral Night is a short story written by Jean Rabe (with illustrations by Matt Busch), originally published in Star Wars Adventure Journal 13 by West End Games in May 1997, and has since released in the short story anthology Tales from the New Republic which was published by Bantam Spectra in December 1999 and was later archived online at Hyperspace on February 11 2004.

Plot summary[]

While on vacation on Zelos II, the Weequay bounty hunter Diergu-Rea Duhnes'rd and his mate Solum'ke join a treasure hunt with the Qwohog K'zk. Local legend told of sunken treasure in Zelosian's Chine, a prominent coral ridge in the Great Zelosi Sea. On the Day of the Sepulchral Night, the fourth moon of Zelos II aligned with the sun, putting the tides in that region at their lowest and the purported treasure at its most accessible.

The local Zelosians were very superstitious about the eclipse and kept themselves indoors during the Day of the Sepulchral Night. As a Qwohog, K'zk couldn't risk exposure to seawater, so he offered a 50/50 split with Diergu-Rea and Solum'ke.

On the way to Zelosian's Chine, they encounter two Corellian survivors of a recent shipwreck, Hanugar and Sevik. K'zk and the Weequay rescue the survivors and bring them along to Zelosian's Chine. When they reach their destination, Diergu-Rea, Solum'ke and Sevik enter a small cave, discovering a wealth of crystals and jewels. The treasure is enough to set all of them for life.

The small cave suddenly begins to fill with water, as the eclipse begins to end. Diergu-Rea and Solum'ke make their way to the surface, only to discover Sevik already boarding the ship with the aid of a repulsorlift belt. Sevik, Hanugar and K'zk had been collaborating all along. Diergu-Rea and Solum'ke are left stranded on top of Zelosian's Chine.

Solum'ke is upset that they lost everything. However, Diergu-Rea points out that Solum'ke is wearing a green crystal necklace that he put on her while in the cave, and that his pockets are full of crystals and jewels. Diergu-Rea assures her that another ship will be coming by shortly and tracking down two Corellians and a Qwohog shouldn't be too hard for the best bounty hunters in the sector.


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