Dayark was a temperate moon that orbited the gas giant Nepe in the Episol system. In 8 ABY, it served as the capital of the Kathol Republic.

Dayark always kept the same face towards Nepe, so only the sunward side of the moon was habitable. Day on Dayark occurred when the moon passed out of the shadow of Nepe, and night fell once it fell back into the gas giant's shadow. The moon's orbit was close to the planet, inside the fringes of Nepe's atmosphere. As a result, Dayark's skies were constantly cloudy and a light rain fell almost continuously.

The moon was the bread basket for the Kathol Republic, with extensive wetlands ideal for growing rice and other crops tended by agricultural droids. Dayark was the most populated world in the Republic, and its vote usually ensured the election of its planetary representative to the post of President. This also meant that Dayark was usually the capital of the Republic.

The moon's capital city was Rytal Prime.

In 19 ABY, Talon Karrde visited Dayark when he was searching for Jorj Car'das. He met with General Jutka and Entoo Nee, the latter of whom eventually led Karrde to Car'das on Exocron.



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