The Dazouri were a species of polymorphs that were genetic cousins of the Lahsbees in a manner analogous to the relationship between Human and Near-Human species. They had two forms, rest and rage. In their rest form, Dazouri were short, hairless humanoids with large black eyes and vestigial horns on their upper forehead. When a Dazouri was wounded, frightened, threatened, intimidated or infuriated they transformed into their rage form. In rage form they appeared as huge hulking brutes with shaggy black fur, large claws and fangs, and horns on the forehead and cheek. In rest form they were shrewd, calculating creatures that appeared helpless but in their rage form they were homicidal maniacs that attacked everything around them.[1] The Dazouri were native to the planet Gibbela, where they farmed native crops.

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The Dazouri were first mentioned in Planets of the Galaxy, Volume Three. Years later, a similar species appeared in "The Value of Proper Intelligence to Any Successful Military Campaign is Not to Be Underestimated", a two-page comic written by Ken Lizzl and published in Star Wars Tales 19. Plausible stories in Star Wars Tales 120 were initially considered S-canon until referenced in a non-Tales source, at which point the subject matter was elevated to C-canon.[3] Gibbela and the events of the comic later received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, thus raising the events to C-canon. A November 13, 2014 blog post on later confirmed that the species from the comic was in fact the Dazouri.



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