The so-called dead-enders were a mysterious group of white-bearded, mad-looking humans that prowled the canyons of Carbon Ridge on the desert planet of Jakku. There was a story in Niima Outpost that those men guarded a long-abandoned Imperial base somewhere in Carbon Ridge. Although she did not believe there ever was such a base, the scavenger Rey did notice that the dead-enders wore scraps of Imperial armor and reminded her of military types. Whenever someone entered their territory, the dead-enders would throw rocks at him or her, babbling apparently nonsensical strings of numbers.[1]

Unkar Plutt once sent a group of six thugs to salvage equipment from Carbon Ridge, which caused a fight to break out between the thugs and the dead-enders. In the ensuing chaos, several dead-enders were shot, while two of Plutt's men went down, resulting in very little valuable salvage for Plutt.[1]

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