This article is about a forest on Kashyyyk. You may be looking for the Dead Forest located on the forest moon of Endor.

The Dead Forest was a region of the Kkowir Forest which had fallen to the darkness of the Sayormi's power. It was near Kachirho and inhabited by webweavers.

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Though it was once as beautiful as the rest of Kashyyyk, by the time of the Galactic Civil War it only existed as a testament to the destructive tendencies of the Sayormi people. The people of Kerritamba Village, led by Chief Kerritamba, fought constantly to stop the expansion of the Dead Forest and to restore life to the area. Sayormi power continued to grow every day, however, and the Dead Forest was slowly expanding.

Once Kerritamba became frustrated at the inability of his people to protect their sacred home, he called in outsiders to help fight the Sayormi.

The great Sawtooth, a large Uller, also made his home in the Dark Forest, as did the Sayormi leaders Cyrans the Unfeeling and the Sayormi Queen. The Dead Guard were called to service to watch over the entrance to the forest.

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