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The dead lands was the centerpoint of the nuclear accident near Calliope Station that caused the devastation of Parnassos. It was a fenced-off area on the planet Parnassos, where faded signs and the Gand Churkk warned visitors of the dangers of entering. Little to no life could survive in the dead lands due to lingering radiation from the nuclear catastrophe. The lands were visible from Arratu Station.[1]

When Brendol Hux's ship was shot down over the planet by Parnassos' automated defense system, the chrome-plated starship crashed in the dead lands, while Hux and three First Order stormtroopers ejected in a escape pod and landed closer to Claw territory.[1] Hux, two of his remaining troopers, Phasma, and several of her Scyre warriors traveled to the dead lands with the hope of reaching the crashed ship, contacting the First Order, and escaping the planet.

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