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Deadly Sight was a power of the dark side of the Force, focusing the user's hatred into deadly energy.


By channeling this ability, a Force-user harnessed fury and hatred and then projected them through an intense glare onto the victim - as long as that victim was in the practitioner's range of vision. The Deadly Sight would have then blistered the skin and vaporized extremities.[1]


While being once an extremely rare ability, even among the Sith, the usage of this ability exploded in the last decades of the New Sith Wars.[1]


A stormtrooper being dissolved by Deadly Sight

Darksiders could inflict pain and injury upon their foes merely by looking at them, causing victims' bodies to burn and smoke as they died. The user of Deadly Sight could damage entire groups of foes within their field of vision.

Tiring to sustain, it was inefficient in terms of the strain caused on the user's Force reserves, but was nevertheless effective in the right situation.

Deadly Sight injured everyone that the user looked at, including allies and civilians; it is unknown whether it could be refined, especially because of its dark nature.

The only known practitioner of Deadly Sight was the Dark Jedi Sariss, who may have used it in her duel with Kyle Katarn in 5 ABY.



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