The Deadweight was a Galactic Republic Conductor-class short-haul landing craft piloted by Carth Onasi during the Mandalorian Wars. Its original designation was CXB-560.[1]



Deadweight in the Camp Three on Serroco.

Early in the war the Deadweight was stationed in the Camp Three on Serroco. Fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick sneaked aboard the ship to talk with Admiral Karath to warn him of an impending Mandalorian attack.

When the Mandalorians stormed Karath's ship, Courageous, Zayne, who was imprisoned there, used the Force to pry the bolts of his cells that were next to the hangar, enabling him and the few remaining crewmembers to escape the ship's destruction in the Deadweight. When they were en route to Telerath to deliver Zayne to his former Master Lucien Draay, the crew received an invitation from Arkoh Adasca in the Omonoth system. The Deadweight arrived to the hangar of the Arkanian Legacy and was later used again by Carth Onasi, Saul Karath and Dallan Morvis to escape the ship after the First Battle of Omonoth.

When Carth was assigned to the command of the Lance Squadron, the Deadweight was docked in the hangar of Karath's new flagship, the Swiftsure. Zayne Carrick and Marn Hierogryph later used the Deadweight, stolen by Slyssk, to escape the blockade of Coruscant and reach the planet's surface.



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