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"Dealing with Lando/Han and Chewie Strike Back" is the third episode of LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars. It was released on Disney XD on November 24, 2018.[1]

Plot summary[]

"Dealing with Lando"[]

Stranded on Vandor[]

A Gozanti-class cruiser lands on the snowy, mountainous world of Vandor. A labor droid pushes out a crate. Pace Freemaker and Lena dig their way out of the crate. Pace asks if they are gone yet and remarks that cargo containers are not the most comfortable way to travel. Lena realizes that they are not on Canto Bight and asks where they are. She is unaware of Vandor.

A frustrated Pace asks why this is happening to him even though he doesn't look for trouble. He says that trouble keeps coming to him like a rancor. The two flee as a labor droid carrying a crate approaches them. The two take a flight of stairs up to the cantina with alien and humanoid patrons.

When Pace asks what they should do now, Lena suggests going their separate ways. The Galactic Empire is after Lena while a Hutt is after Pace. She says it is too risky a combo and wishes him good luck. Pace considers parting ways but proposes that the two of them work together and watch each other's back. Lena is skeptical of the idea since she has not had the best of luck with partners.

Pace says it was just an idea and walks to one of the cantina tables. However, Lena changes her mind and says it makes sense staying together if they are going to Canto Bight. Pace smiles and says he can get them there. Lena asks how and reiterates that she is tired of traveling by cargo crates. Pace suggests that they can find some work.

Lando's offer[]

Someone asks if they are looking for work. The stranger introduces himself as Lando Calrissian and bows to Lena, kissing her hand. He says that he has gotten a ship and a job for any crew brave enough to take it. He shows Lena and Pace several Corusca gems. Lena says these are priceless enough to take them to Canto Bight. Lando says he knows where to find many more.

Pace thinks there will be trouble just like a rancor. Lando acknowledges it won't be easy and safe but reassures them he has pulled it off below and says it can be their ticket to Canto Bight. Lena says there is both good and bad trouble. Pace asks if this is good trouble. Lena replies that they don't have better offers. Pace says they are in.

Double trouble and ticket offworld[]

Lando leads them to "Docking Bay Three." As they leave, their presence is noticed by the blue bearded alien Pru Sweevant who contacts Graballa by holoprojector. Graballa says it is not a great time because his cousin Jabba is all over his tail. Pru tells Graballa that he has found Pace and that he is traveling with that "fugitive girl." Graballa is delighted and promises to make him rich. Graballa tells Yeppau to contact Corporal Estoc via holoprojector. When Estoc asks whom she owes this unpleasant interruption, Graballa tells her he has found the fugitive. Estoc asks Graballa to tell him everything.

Arriving in Docking Bay 3, Pace is impressed by the sight of the Millennium Falcon. Pace and Lena are greeted by the droid L3-37, who says she wanted an experienced team rather than "pretty eyes" and a kid. Pace is flattered until Lena points out that he is the kid. Lando vouches for Pace and Lena's experience but agrees that Lena has pretty eyes.

When L3-37 asks if they know how to fly, Lando says this is the case. Pace and Lena nervously say they know how to fly. Lando leads them aboard. When Pace asks L3-37 if Lando is always a smooth talker, the droid agrees with his observation and adds unfortunately. Pru plants a tracking device on one of the Falcon's landing gears as it flies into space.

Chasing a comet[]

While the Falcon is traveling through hyperspace, Pace and Lena marvel when Lando tells them that there is an entire comet made of Corusca gems. Lando says that it is too big for any ship to hold and that they have to break it up first. L3-37 adds that you are going to love this part. Lando says that he is going to shoot it and that they are going to scoop its pieces. Lena points out that Corusca gems are super hard and that if they are blasted out like that they would rip right through us. Lando replies that he told her that this job is for the brave. L3-37 adds for the stupid.

The Millennium Falcon follows the purple Corusca gel comet. Lando begins the countdown to separation while Pace comments on the countdown. Lando fires the ship's frontal pod with Lena and Pace inside. He tells them to relax and to just drop into the tail of the comet without getting pulverized.

While manning the frontal pod's controls, Pace says he has dealt with guys like Lando and says they are not to be trusted. Lena asks why doesn't Lando have L3 flying the ship if it is so dangerous. Lando replies that flying through a comet is tricky and that he needs her navigation skills. L3 adds that she refused to do it. Lando says here we go as he flies the Falcon away from the comet.

Pace deploys the pod's net. The Falcon blasts the comet, releasing large rocks which are caught by the pod's net. Lando asks if this are going good and Lena replies so far. Lando cheers and boasts they are going to be rich. Lando flies the Falcon for a second pass and blasts the comet. More rock fall into the solar net. Lando tells them to be careful and asks if they are not scratching his paint. Pace says no.

Hutt and Imperial entanglements[]

However, Graballa's starship Rancor's Fist and an Imperial Y-45 armored transport hauler exit hyperspace and catch the Millennium Falcon in a tractor beam. Estoc orders the pilot of the Falcon to stand down and says that he is harboring an Imperial fugitive. Graballa adds my guy and tells her not to forget Pace.

Lando is surprised that his crew are fugitive while L3-37 remarks that they didn't seem to be the type. Lena shifts the pod and the net behind the asteroid to avoid detection. Lando tells Estoc to scan his ship and reassures her that there is nobody but him and his droid aboard. Estoc says he is lying and counters that she has reliable sources pointing out that the fugitives are on his ship.

Estoc says she doesn't know what they are doing out here in the middle of nowhere while Graballa says he will look around and find out. Pace contacts Lando over the intercom and asks if he has a got plan here. L3-37 shuts up transmission and tells Lando that the Empire is going to steal his ship. Lando counters that the Empire is going to send him to the spice mines and to melt her down into slag. Lando says he is trying to save his skin and her bolts.

Lando's attempted betrayal and escape[]

Lando decides to cooperate and tells Graballa and Estoc that he knows where their fugitives are and proposes coming to an arrangement. When Pace asks why can't they hear Lando, Lena says that Pace doesn't want them to. Lena says that they have got all the gems and that they should make a run for it. Pace asks but what if Lando has got their back.

Lena tells Pace he doesn't. Pace counters that it is not about who he is but what they are. He says that they had a deal and that we can't abandon him. Lena asks if Pace is an honest partner. Pace says that Corusca gems can cut through transparisteel if they are moving fast enough. Pace tells Lena to hand on because they are going fast.

Meanwhile, Lando asks if he is free to go if he tells them where Pace and Lena are. Estoc replies if it leads to their capture. Lando is about to tell them they are right behind the comet but Pace detaches the net from the pod and releases the gems into the path of the Rancor's Fist and the Imperial ship, knocking out their systems.

L3-37 tells Lando the tractor beam is gone. Lando tells her to move the shoulders. As they leave, Lando tells L3 not to forget their pod and picks up the smaller craft before fleeing into space. Estoc is distraught by her tarnished record. Graballa contacts her by holoprojector and describes her life as one big poodoo sandwich. Jabba then contacts Graballa by holoprojector and chastises him, prompting Graballa to remark they have to share that sandwich.

A new home[]

While traveling through hyperspace, Pace thanks Lando for not leaving them behind. L3-37 points out that Lando was going to sell them out. Lando denies that he was going to sell them out and claims he was trying to buy them more time. Pace apologizes about losing Lando's gems but Lena points out that it was the only way out. Lando tells them to forget it because it is not worth having the gems around without them to use it.

Pace asks Lando to drop them at Canto Bight but Lando refuses because the Empire and Hutts are after them. He explains that Canto Bight is where one goes to be seen rather than to hide. Pace sighs. Lando says he can take them somewhere where they will never be noticed. Lando takes them to the Wheel space station, which he explains is home to hundreds of species. He takes them to the site of the future Freemaker garage and tells them that they will blend right in. Pace begins planning out the dimensions of his garage and says he can build ships and a life here. He says he can call it "Pace's Garage."

However, Lando tells him to be smart and not to use their real names. He adds that they are free to make any name they want. Lena comes up with the family name Freemaker. Lando warns them not to use their real names and tells Pace to grow a mustache. L3-37 supports Lando's suggestion. Lando bids them farewell before departing on the Falcon.

Lena asks Pace if he would like a partner in their business. Pace says that would be nice but quips that she can be trouble. Lena jokes that there can be both good and bad trouble. She asks which one am I. Pace says just the right kind and the two kiss each other. The Falcon jumps into hyperspace.

"Han and Chewie Strike Back"[]

Trouble with Awan Zek[]

This episode is set several years after the events of "Dealing with Lando." In the streets of the Ring of Kafrene, a squad of stormtroopers are on patrol. The bounty hunter Awan Zek, his two Rodian colleagues, and a modified DLC-13 mining droid blast their way out of a tavern. He orders his henchmen to bring him the head of Han Solo. Solo and Chewbacca drop their liwi fruits. Solo tells the vendor to keep the change before fleeing with Chewbacca.

Zek and his Rodian colleagues and the droid chase them through the streets firing blasters. Han and Chewie escape in a turbolift. Solo explains that their plan is to get to the roof, hitch a ride on an airspeeder, get back to the Falcon, and "high tail" off this rock. Chewbacca roars but Han tells him that he was not the one who was hungry for liwi fruits.

They reach the top only to be cornered by Zek and his henchmen, who took the stairs. Han says Zek needs more exercises while Zek tells him that he needs to honor his commitments. Solo counters that trading spice for starship parts was a fair deal. Zek responds that Solo did not give him all the parts he promised. Reading from a datapad, Zek says that Han gave him eight power converters, six fuel coils, and ten deflector inverters. Han replies that was everything he gave.

Zek counters that Han forgot one durasteel transmuter coil. Han is surprised that he and Chewie did not include that and pretends to apologize. However, he grabs Zek's gun and shoots a hole through the window. Han tells Chewbacca to jump. However, they are caught by the DLC-13 mining droid. Han quips that you can't blame me for trying.

Awan Zek is about to shoot Han and Chewie but Han says he can help him get a transmuter coil. Han manages to convince Zek by boasting about his expertise of the Clone Wars. Departing from the Ring of Kafrene aboard the Millennium Falcon, Han admits not knowing anything about the Clone Wars. Chewie barks. Han says he knows someone who did and tells Chewbacca to set a course for the Wheel.

Juggling work and family[]

Meanwhile at the Wheel, a mustached Pace tries to entice a Gotal customer into buying a Koro-2 all-environment Exodrive airspeeder. However, the airspeeder falls apart and the Gotal tells Pace he is not buying his pitch or his speeder. Pace tries to half the price but is unable to stop the Gotal from leaving.

Lena, who is carrying the toddler Zander Freemaker and the infant Kordi Freemaker, says she is surprised that her husband didn't say he had mouths to feed. Pace says there will be a next time. Lena apologizes that she could not help seal the deal and remarks that she is fighting a losing battle in the "naptime wars." Lena lets Zander walk to his daddy.

Pace carries Zander and tells his son that daddy sells used spaceships. Lena reassures Pace that their business is just going through a rough patch and that's all. Pace counters that years of failing is more than a rough patch before lifting Pace. He tells Lena and their kids that you guys make the toughest days worth it. Pace says that Lena is right that the business will turn around.

A bittersweet reunion[]

Shortly later, the Millennium Falcon lands in Freemaker Salvage and Repair's hangar. Pace thinks maybe it has. Lena says she hasn't seen a ship in need of more repairs. Just then, Chewbacca walks down the ramp and hugs Lena. Pace thinks it is an old friend but is unhappy to see Han again. Pace puts Zander down and tells him that daddy is about to lose his temper and tells him to close his eyes.

Pace attacks Han and knocks him to the ground. Lena asks if Han and Pace know each other. Chewbacca separates Pace and Han. Pace says that this is guy who destroyed his Jedi starfighter and his life. But he adds that it ultimately worked out for him because he met Lena. Pace demands to know how Han found him here. Han says Lando knows and tries to push Han and Chewbacca out of his life.

Lena tells her husband to slow down and tells Pace to at least hear an old friend out. Han tells Pace that he is in a real bind here and that he needs to find a durasteel transmuter coil. Pace points out that nobody has made transmuter coils out of durasteel since the Clone Wars. Han replies that's why he needs Pace because he is the Clone Wars expert. Han proposes traveling to Ord Tellarom, an old, abandoned Clone Wars site. Han says that if he helps him find a coil he will leave his life forever. Pace says this is a tempting offer.

Lena asks if Chewbacca trusts Han and the Wookiee vouches for him. Lena says she trusts Chewie and that they can take the kids on an educational day trip. Pace carries Zander and says that he will go on record saying that he has a bad feeling about this. Han leads them aboard the Millennium Falcon. Lena is shocked at the scruffy state of the Falcon and Pace demands to know what he did to it. Han smiles as a component falls.

Relics of the Clone Wars[]

On Ord Tellarom, the Falcon lands outside a wrecked droid control ship. Lena picks up the head and torso of a B1-series battle droid. She tells Zander that they were battle droids and used to say things like "Roger Roger." Zander giggles but his mother says no giggling because they are supposed to be scary. Zander hugs the battle droid's head.

While searching the wreckage Pace, who is holding Kordi, helps Han to find a durasteel transmuter coil. Pace says that it is not in bad shape either. Han says this was going to be easy but is cut off by a deafening roar. Lena asks what was that while Chewie roars. Han proposes discussing the possibilities inside the Falcon.

A gargantuan Zillo Beast emerges from a deep pit and blocks their path to the Falcon. Pace leads them towards the battleship. Zander, who is in his mother's arms, says the beast looks so funny. They managed to evade the monster by hiding inside the wrecked battleship. Pace wants to thank the Maker but Han tells him not to get too excited. Pace counters that he wasn't talking to Han and asks the sleeping Kordi if she wants to see a real monster.

Staging a diversion[]

Pace says he is still mad at Han and that he expected something like this to happen. He adds that it always does with him. Chewbacca mutters in Shyriiwook while Lena asks what do we do. She says that they can't hide in here forever and that "thing" is not going away. Han offers to go outside and distract the creature but the Zillo Beast shows its head.

Lena counters that they need a better distraction than Han and Chewie because it will eat them as soon as they set out of the spaceship. Zander mumbles spaceship and Lena tells her son that this is a spaceship. Pace replies that this is not just any spaceship but a droid control ship. He leads them to the control tower. Pace says he just has got to get the droids running.

Han things that there is no way this hunk of junk will fly. Pace says he knows that it is not going to fly but adds this is a droid control ship. He reattached the cable and says we are going to control some droids. As the Zillo Beast climbs on the hull of the ring-shaped droid control ship, the B1 battle droids rise from the ground.

The lead battle droid orders his troops to attack the Zillo Beast. The droids advance and fire, enraging the beast. Han praises Pace but the creature sweeps its tail against the window of the command bridge. Lena says we're not out of this yet. Meanwhile, the lead battle droid says they have got the Zillo Beast pinned down where they want it and orders his troops to press on with the attack. The creature crouches on them and begins crushing the droids with its massive limbs.

A reckless escape[]

The Freemakers, Han, and Chewie flee to the Falcon. Zander looks on as one of the droids says that is enough fighting for today and retreats. The droid tries to follow the Freemakers but is pinned down by the Zillo Beast. The droid breaks free but loses one arm and begs Pace to take him with them. At Zander's urging, Pace tells the droid to hurry and allows him aboard the ramp. The Millennium Falcon flees into the skies, escaping the claws of the Zillo Beast.

Han tells them to hang on because they are getting out of here. He tells Chewie to angle the deflectors and to bring them low. Han says there is something they need down there. Han dives below the Zillo Beast and retrieves an old Jedi starfighter. Han tells Chewie to head home and the Falcon jumps into hyperspace.

Burying the hatchet[]

Back at the Freemaker garage, the battle droid tells them that the Jedi starfighter is Jedi General Anakin Skywalker's starfighter. He boasts that Skywalker has cut him to pieces more than once. Lena attaches a makeshift white arm to his body. The droid thanks her for his new arm and says he can now get back to eliminating "Jedi scum." Lena remarks that he will need some updates on current events and his programming. As she updates his programming, she says "a little less destroy the Jedi and a little more who wants a bedtime story."

The droid says "Roger Roger." Zander hugs the droid, calling him Roger. Pace says the ship will need a little fine-tuning and a coat of paint but that this ship can really help them turn their business around. He thanks Han, who says that he told Pace that he will make it up to him someday. The two shake hands and Han says he's got another promise to keep. He promises that he will never see him again.

As Han leaves with Chewbacca, Pace tells him not to make promises he can't keep in a cheeky tone. Han says right and promises to see the Freemakers again. Lena says he is good friend with Pace adding from a certain point of view. Roger and the Freemakers watch as the Millennium Falcon flies out of the Freemaker garage. Pace says this starfighter is good but that it needs work. Roger says "Roger Roger" and begins helping to repair the ship.


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