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"I'm not an ambassador, Guardian. I'm an electronics technician. Like my father before me."
―Dean Jinzler to Jorad Pressor[src]

Dean Jinzler was the youngest of the four Jinzler children.


"Just tell him that his sister was thinking about him, hoping that someday he'll be able to let go of his anger."
Lorana Jinzler[src]

As a young child, Dean loathed his elder sister, Lorana. Lorana was a Jedi, and Dean's parents were truly proud of her, causing Dean to feel jealous and unloved. In actuality, his parents offered him the same love and encouragement as they gave Lorana, but Dean blocked this out and created a false belief that grew with him over the years. Lorana and Dean parted on bad terms, just before Lorana embarked upon the ill-fated Outbound Flight mission, which led to her death.

Like his father, Dean trained as an electronics technician, achieving certificates in comm tech, droid maintenance and hyperdrive tech and working in the Senate Support Services. Dean traveled the galaxy frequently during the Clone Wars, spending a brief time in the Hadar sector following the Wars, during which he learned an ingenious trick for exterminating infestations of conduit worms.

Two years after the New Republic and the Galactic Empire signed their historic peace treaty, Dean joined Talon Karrde's operation. Following advice from Jorj Car'das, Dean transferred to the Comra listening station, where he intercepted a transmission coming from Nirauan, for the attention of Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker. The Chiss had located the wreckage of Outbound Flight, and Dean, masquerading as a New Republic Ambassador, joined the expedition. During the mission, Dean came to terms with the lie he'd been living over the past sixty years, finally accepting himself for who he was. After the mission, Dean retired to the Empire of the Hand.



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