The Dearic Garden Club was an organization based in Dearic on the planet Talus. It's members were interested in gardening and were familiar with the local Talusian flora.

In 1 ABY members of the club helped Champhra Biahin, the planet Drall's ambassador to Talus, locate a sample of the rare medicinal Twin-Scented Natterbloom. As a token of gratitude Biahin sent a recording of the anthem Flowers of Drall sung by young students at the Boiling Sea Music Academy on Drall to the Garden Club's chairperson, who planned to play it at the club's next meeting.

Behind the scenesEdit

This organization is featured in a small quest in Sony Online Entertainment's MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. In this quest, Champhra Biahin asks the player to meet a representative of the club who found a sample of the Twin-Scented Natterbloom and bring the herb back to Biahin. In the next mission, the player is sent into the wilderness once again to deliver a datadisc containing an anthem to the club's chairperson.


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