"Bridge, this is Grand Admiral Thrawn. Signal the Death's Head; inform Captain Harbid we'll be temporarily leaving the Fleet. He's to continue making tactical surveys of the local systems and pulling data dumps wherever possible. Then set course for a planet called Myrkr—the nav computer has its location"
Grand Admiral Thrawn ordering a signal to Captain Harbid[src]

The Death's Head was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer of the Imperial Navy.


A short time before the Battle of Endor, Ace Azzameen inadvertently came across the vessel, along with the rest of the Chimaera task force, at an Imperial Weapons Testing Facility in the Carida system.[1]

Commanded by Captain Harbid around 9 ABY, the Death's Head joined Grand Admiral Thrawn in his campaigns against the New Republic. The Death's Head was initially spotted participating in an operation with the Chimaera and the Judicator to obtain the moss painting Killik Twilight on the planet Tatooine.

Later it would be sent to the Palanhi system in a failed attempt to capture Han Solo. The Star Destroyer was also present at the assault on the New Republic base of Ord Pardron as part of Thrawn's overall plan to capture the Ukio system. Death's Head last appeared at the Battle of Bilbringi.

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Death's Head acted as the inspiration for the Imperial-class Star Destroyer model that 3D Fan Artist Ansel Hsiao created and later submitted to Star Wars Insider 125. Until the release of The Essential Guide to Warfare, it, specifically the first version, was also his last publicly released mesh, as the design was frequently used without his permission, such as the trailer for The Force Unleashed.[2]



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