A Death-Hunter Cyborg equipped with a turbocannon.

The Death-Hunter Cyborg was the brain-child of Imperial Moff Jesco Comark, who used his personal position in Renik to siphon funds for his pet operation.

History[edit | edit source]

Comark did not believe that the Galactic Empire could rely on bounty hunters for its 'dirty work' and therefore worked to create perfect killing machines. The project, Operation Death-Hunter, involved the kidnapping of strong, healthy Humans of ages 15 to 25 from the nearby world of Bescane. The subjects would then be 'cyborged', which resulted in all physical abilities augmented by technological additions. This meant that their eyesight was near perfect with lowlight and macrozoom capabilities as well as specialized receptors to improve hearing. Lifeform sensors were added to further aid the Death-Hunter on its mission. Communication additions could also be added with a choice from wideband receiver and a tightband antenna. These assassins could also make use of Plexus courier droid to serve as transports, Comark did this through the use of the shipyards at Jaemus. The cyborgs were equipped with prototype turbocannons and saw service alongside Imperial stormtroopers.

The project came to an end due to the destruction Comark's base on the planet Zeta Zero Nine located in the Wastes at the hands of the Rebel Alliance. This was done with the aid of Comark's own daughter, Amber Comark, who exposed the project.

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