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Death Star is a novel written by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry, and was published on October 16, 2007 by Del Rey. It covers the later stages of the battle station's construction and follows the actions of a variety of individuals connected to it until its destruction. The paperback was released on November 25, 2008.

Publisher's summaryEdit

The untold story of the ultimate weapon—created to annihilate worlds…and enslave a galaxy!

The Death Star's name says it all, with bone-chilling accuracy. It is a virtual world unto itself—equipped with uncanny power for a singularly brutal purpose: to obliterate entire planets in the blink of an eye. Its annihilation of the planet Alderaan lives in infamy. And its own ultimate destruction, at the hands of Luke Skywalker, is the stuff of legend. But what is the whole story, and who are the players, behind the creation of this world-killing satellite of doom?

The near extermination of the Jedi Order cleared the way for Palpatine—power-hungry Senator and Sith Lord—to seize control of the Republic, declare himself Emperor, and usher in a fearsome, totalitarian regime. But even with the dreaded Darth Vader to enforce his sinister will, the threat of rebellion still looms. And the Emperor knows that only abject fear—and the ability to punish dissent with devastating consequences—can ensure his unchallenged control of the galaxy. Enter ambitious and ruthless government official Wilhuff Tarkin, architect of the Emperor's terrifying dream come true.

But from inception to completion, construction of the unprecedented Death Star is awash in the intrigues, hidden agendas, unexpected revelations, and daring gambits of those involved on every level. The brightest minds and boldest egos, the most ambitious and corrupt, the desperate and the devious, all have a stake in the Death Star and its potential to control the fate of the galaxy.

Soldiers and slaves, loyalists and Rebels, spies and avengers, the innocent and the evil—all their paths and fates will cross and intertwine as the Death Star moves from its maiden voyage to its final showdown and a shadowy chapter of Star Wars history is stunningly illuminated in a thrilling, unforgettable adventure.


The first draft of the novel was made available to Sue Rostoni sometime around the beginning of February 2007.[2]

An excerpt of this novel was included in the paperback release of Darth Bane: Path of Destruction and Republic Commando: True Colors.

Motti's first name was to be "Zi" until George Lucas renamed him "Conan Antonio."[3] Despite the change, one occurrence of the name remains in the finished novel.[4]


One event occurring on the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Devastator is mislabeled as having taken place on the Super Star Destroyer Devastator.

It is stated that Darth Vader did not have an official rank in the Imperial military. However, Vader's official rank was Supreme Commander.


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Dramatis personae

  • Atour Riten; Imperial Navy commander, Chief Librarian (human male) (First appearance)
  • Celot Ratua Dil; convicted smuggler (Zelosian male) (First appearance)
  • Conan Antonio Motti; Imperial Navy admiral (human male)
  • Daala; Imperial Navy admiral (human female)
  • Darth Vader; Dark Lord of the Sith (human male)
  • Kornell "Uli" Divini; Imperial Surgical Corps captain (human male)
  • Memah Roothes; pub tender (Twi'lek female) (First appearance)
  • Nova Stihl; Imperial Marines sergeant (human male) (First identified as Nova Stihl)
  • Rodo; bouncer (Ragithian human male) (First appearance)
  • Teela Kaarz; architect, convict (Mirialan female) (First appearance)
  • Tenn Graneet; Imperial Navy master chief gunner officer (human male) (First identified as Tenn Graneet)
  • Villian Dance; Imperial Navy lieutenant (human male) (First appearance)
  • Wilhuff Tarkin; Imperial Navy Grand Moff (human male)

Other characters


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Notes and referencesEdit

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  6. It is unclear whether or not the name of this sector is an incorrect spelling of "Arkanis." The sector appears once in the novel as the location of the Devastator when Darth Vader receives a transmission alerting him to Divini's messages on the MedNet regarding midi-chlorians. It is unclear how much time passes between this scene and when the Devastator is seen in the Toprawa system. It also bears noting that according to the novel, Arkonis sector is located in the Outer Rim while Arkanis sector (in contradiction to previous and later sources) is said to be located in Wild Space.
  7. On pages 251 and 263 of the hardcover edition of Death Star, the region in which Tatooine and the Arkanis sector are located is stated to be Wild Space. This contradicts previous and later sources which establish the Outer Rim Territories as the region in which Tatooine and the Arkanis sector were located.
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